Thursday , September 24 2020
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Fire crews battle raging infernos in California | ABC News

Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated due to the Kincade fire which burned over 55,000 acres in Northern California.

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  1. China's AG600 may help extinguishing this big wild fires! Wish more and more China USA win-win cooperation!

  2. Wake up Sheeple !! DEW being used on Americans !! we are Q !! Melted Cars ?? same foot print ?? TREASON !!

  3. Lots of free land for reconstruction after these fires.. You think you'll be able to come back home after all this?
    NOPE! All that land being burned up is now completely the governments land. Who knows, there could be future homes for the undocumented immigrants after all this.
    But your not getting your house or your land back.

  4. Meanwhile, Pelosi is still focusing on impeaching Trump based on nothing.

  5. Why didn't Americans do something to prevent this since it's almost happened every year, at least from the news and social media I saw in China

  6. How'd Hollywood know about this event 42 years ago? Hmmmm? Anybody?

  7. California homes are made from wood chips and glue. Burns real good.

  8. You couldnt pay me enough to live in that f…ed up state!!!


  10. Here we are complaining about the Amazon forest fire….
    We can do better at poluting the earth…

  11. How do these fires start?

  12. Well we'll trees cost fire need trim not do so. Electric of better then trim trees. Tucson Arizona 322E 26street Tucson Arizona kill of not need flowers years not in any Ones ways only roof needs too some really trim of some. Public property private property. City one side contract workers come. Not like it. Taxes not only one Come from Canada think own holl down. Nice blume flowers years humming bird and little bit butterfly. Now shit all kill of flowers did fin nice and good thick. Now shit look at. Shadow nice around windows where need shit windows around. Trim where need not all Electric fire started. Destroying flowers not need in all. Sure city lost control over it all Because come Canada own it all. Pay for it without premium papers that say the can do so with it all.

  13. This is what you get when you build a house out of wood.brick's and stone dont burn.

  14. BREAKING NEWS FROM ABC!!! We have video evidence of Donald Trump roaming the countryside in California lighting fires while eating sandwiches made from babies. this is not fake news.

  15. I just realized the reporter in the yellow jacket is Christopher Reeve's son.

  16. Did those morons in ca. Ever clean up the debris from the last fire. Remember they said they were going to . I bet they never did. So who cares about ca. Really

  17. See how your liberal Democrat losers will help you

  18. This so sad and scary. Prayers for all in need I wish I could help.

  19. At least they caught the man who set off 9 fires in Ca. Jackass came all the way from Mo just to set us on fire. I hope he rots in a jail cell

  20. Fires rage in California while PG&E and Sacramento piss on each other leg. Who is the dumb ass in charge of this state?

  21. God has finally had enough of liberals.

  22. Time to put a brain in the heads of homeowners and the authorities. Cement sandwich wall houses should be Compulsory in these endless mountain foothill suburbs. No one ever seems to learn.

  23. At least they have illegals ho mos and high taxes

  24. Let her burn I hope ny is next bunch of liberal pieces of shit

  25. Shouldve listened to Trump and had people sweep the forests. This never wouldve happened.

  26. I'm sick to my stomach 😵 they have MORON people trolling and baiting comments ‼️ add up the#s 💲💲💲

  27. At this point who wants to live in cali . The state is on fire one a month

  28. Here we have fires on the west coast and on the east coast just the opposite. 😢

  29. KARMA is REAL Gov Newsom!

  30. Open up my map…where is this place never heard if it….😧

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