Thursday , November 26 2020
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Firefighters in Southern California introduce new bundles of joy

The Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department welcomed seven daughters and two sons, who were all born between March and July.



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  1. Something in the water at their station? Adorable, though and they will all have each other to look out for.

  2. I love firefighters they are not selfish people a lot's of for you and your family God bless you all

  3. What stressful thing happened last year that they decided to all impregnate their wives at the same time.

  4. Most Suprising News is your NOT the father, that dam 👨‍🚒Fire~Cheif#PantyPyro💦 was lighting Fires with all the Wives🔥 while the guys were running around🚒town putting them out👎🏿

  5. Omg!❤❤💕💕❤❤

  6. Weather manipulation is a true thing and facts. I called it was going to happened before it did there has also been more earthquakes then every in California history.

  7. 50 bucks says their only 7 dads if ya do a DNA test…..

  8. Oh bs.. save the cat already

  9. Well they've all got big hoses and very good pressure.😂😂

  10. Too bad the girls weren't aborted or miscarried.

  11. Great even more people in California

  12. Awww… That was cute af 💕💕💕

  13. "Women who are stressed out while trying for a baby could be more likely to have girls, research suggests. In the first study of its kind, experts found that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol were associated with the birth of more girls than boys. … During the study, 61 per cent (207 women) became pregnant"

  14. So cute! So precious! 😄😄😄

  15. I just don’t understand the popularity of naming a baby girl Harper.

  16. Children are gift from god God bless them all

  17. Wow! Those babies are the cutest little bundles of joy!

  18. Yep .. those firemen know how to use a hose, quenching their wife's fire. 😎

  19. Why are so many of those names just awful

  20. Iran no attack on saudi arabia oil true news isreal leadership terror and USA leadership attack saudi arabia true news

  21. picture with axe was cool 🙂

  22. Pregnancy pact much….but let’s hear more about the prisoners that help put out these forest fires and are paid pennies for risking their lives.

  23. After the big fire they all went home and some much needed alone time with the wives 😊 how sweet

  24. That's a little strange? Does this Firehouse also serve as a fertility clinic?

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