Thursday , September 16 2021
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First Dose Vaccination Rates Rising

States with high levels of infection are now also leading the country in new vaccinations. Across the U.S., there’s been a 31 percent spike in first doses this week, with places like Georgia, Missouri, and Texas leading the way.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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First Dose Vaccination Rates Rising


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  2. Surprising thing is that no one who has contracted covid previously is being reinfected… hmmm?

  3. They turned off Tucker Carlson.

  4. It's kind of oxymoron you have to pay somebody to save their life..

  5. Getting the vaccine and then running out to the club before they get the second dose, and all confused as to why they got sick anyway

  6. Sure they are. Do the sheep really believe this? They're trying reverse psychology this time to get this in more people by making them feel like I guess everyone is getting it so I should too. Nice try. The smart ones continue to see through your plan. Here are 3 reasons it makes ZERO sense to take these.

    1. They have created life changing side effects in a massive amount of people. 2. The vaccinated are spreading the virus just as much if not more than the unvaccinated. 3. It may be very well possible they are causing the variants.

  7. The numbers can do whatever you want when you make them up as you go.

  8. It’s all trail and error. I’m good on the vaccine 💉

  9. these comments aren’t it, why u all so negative isn’t this rlly good?

  10. Hindsight. It’s not going to be enough, now. It’s too late.

  11. As another commenter said, people are dying like medieval peasants by refusing modern medicine. No need to reach herd immunity the hard way. Glad to hear people are wising up.

  12. The vaccine is so safe that you have to be offered $100 to get it!

  13. They will pretend they did not get it so they can say it does not work.

  14. I don't care if EVERYONE in the country gets it I still refuse to become a spike protein factory. I will NOT be part of the largest clinical trial in world history PERIOD.

  15. CEASE & DESIST Nuremberg Trials 2.0 have begun. Everyone promoting, mandating, administering… the Covid19, US Military's bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

  16. Yall still offering $100 to get the gab..? Make it $200 & I may consider..

  17. A virus never sleeps. As hospitalizations and preventable deaths accelerate in areas with the lowest vaccination rates, some pretty deadly consequences are already baked into the numbers. That's for sure. Personal choices have real world consequences. But a free society cannot and should not mandate vaccines. However, it is perfectly legitimate to restrict access to crowded private and public spaces to the vaccinated community. Without proof of vaccination or current viral status, the risk of spread is unwarranted. Unfortunately, there is an even greater challenge confronting us.
    We are in an existential race with Variant adaptation and development. And the virus has a huge head start. We cannot allow it to generate ever better adapted Variants in billions more human incubators. We must vaccinate the remaining billions as quickly as possible. This global imperative cannot be overstated!
    Thus far, we continue to talk of donating millions of doses when the scale really must be in the billions, and at Warp Speed. The Delta Variant is clearly winning, folks. But we can still minimize the damage with an aggressive response. If we fail to respond at scale, and quickly, we will be battling a series of increasingly dangerous variants from Delta to Lambda to some ultimate Omega. The magnitude of the response must match the magnitude of the threat. This emergency could not be more urgent!
    We need to face reality and get this moving, people! Viruses never sleep.

  18. Pretty soon everyone will have an experimental shot in the arm for a flu bug.

  19. TB kills nearly 10 million people a year!!!!!

  20. Good. Although now the vaccine is only 88% effective against the new variant. It's because of the vaccinated why the virus keeps mutating.

  21. The pros of the shot are that you can still buy and sell with the mark. The cons of the Mark if you don't receive it you cannot buy or sell!!!!!! NBC would be the perfect television station back in the mid-1930s Germany!!!!!!!!!!

  22. They just don’t want anything to stop school from opening up! But on the real it’s still not a good idea a year later! Vaccinated or not vaccinated! Please wear a mask!

  23. I'm very happy the public finally figured out no one is trying to hurt them . The CDC/ NIH is there for our safety. I very recently retired after 46 years of acute care nursing. I had to delay my retirement due to covid. The young nurses are very tired ,this new surge is causing them to seek different types of nursing or leave the profession completely. I can't blame them . It's soul crashing . Save yourself the grief get vaccinated

  24. Good luck to them, but one shot only gives you 30% coverage compared to over 80% with previous variants. Should have all been vaccinated a lot sooner and we would not be in the mess we are in now!


    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.

    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.

    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 629,315 Covid deaths with 300 more each day.

  26. Troll central all government paid agents on here😂😂

  27. Just wondering …if those so against a vaccine are smokers , or heavy drinkers ….I wonder , if they contracted cancer , whether they would undergo chemo or radiation ? I wonder if they …. were considered terminal would they submit to a trial experiment to prolong their lives ….I also wonder how many of them have used or abused " illegal substances "….I think there's a lot of hypocrisy being spouted ……mostly political drivel …

  28. Whatever happened to FAITH
    Psalm 91

  29. Daniel 12
    Revelation 14:9-11
    Revelation 16:2
    Why does the beast system continue show socalled Blacks taking the mark of the beast? To persuade more.


  31. Aren't places talking about giving people $100 for getting a vaccine?

    So, now we're bribing people to take it. I guess that tells you all you need to know.

  32. Jesus said in the Bible, "If you hold onto your life, you will lose your life."


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