First-time Latino voters outpacing non-Latino voters in 6 crucial states: Report

The LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza joined ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss the border crisis, weighing in on the latest data indicating Latino voters outpace non-Latinos in six states. #foxbusiness

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  1. Mexicans for Trump!!! Ultra MAGA 2024!!! 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸

  2. Border is wide open that's why!!!

  3. Sorry Mr. Garza, I suspect the cartel only understands one way of dealing with problems as they've shown in Mexico and I think it's the only thing the mofos will understand! We can't expect a corrupt military, police and politicians to do anything about it as they're also owned by them. But I think a few drone strikes, raining hell down upon them would send a very clear and concise message!

  4. the great replacement

  5. It's illegal. Do not pass go.

  6. It’s interesting how it is the top 4 most populous states, four of which have high immigrant numbers.

  7. GOP is failing on messaging. If they change their message, they might be able to get half, if not most of those new voters.

  8. Democrats flooded certain states with border jumpers, giving them welfare in hopes they vote for them….

  9. May I assume these first timers are all citizens now?, ha.

  10. That's kind of what happens when you open all the borders.
    This isnt even news

  11. And 95 percent vote democrat.

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  14. They have for years because they claim they are “white” spaniards

  15. Maybe they should increase FDIC to $400000, why stress the economy so much just to control money supply?

  16. This is the reason why we should have never had put sleepy Joe not at his age he wasn't that good of a VP to start with and he didn't have a good person to copy Obama was not that good of a president I'm guessing that's why this administration is screwing everything up horribly bad

  17. The sad thing is, I doubt Hypocrats are even aware they are destroying this country…

  18. As an American Born Hispanic male, I've never been for illegal immigration.
    There is a process, and I respect all persons who have come to this Country through this process.
    Vote Republican in 2024

  19. God I hope those folks get it we sure need them to save our country.

  20. And they're all being bribed to vote Democrat before they even get across the border.

  21. yes but one small question are they legal or illegal

  22. Think about it. Biden let's millions in illegally…gives them free housing for a bit. Some cash.
    Then they all turn around and vote red. For a safer border.

  23. Latino's can come from Socialist or Fascist countries and UNDERSTAND what they really are all about. Unfortunately woke fools put every American in jeopardy. Also, most Americans do not reject legal migration.

  24. Mexicans just talk but Mexicans do 4 Mexicans only 😒

  25. We might as well just let south America vote for North America president. That's what's happening. I'm ashamed of my countries government.🙈🙉🙊🇺🇲💯👹

  26. So now let Mexicans n on the back of black ppl and take over

  27. Yep with the southern border wide open what did you think would happen? This was planned. So the real American has their vote delouted. This country is a joke.

  28. Our country has been invaded by Latinos. We need to stop this, so they do not become the majority.

  29. I hope the Latino vote gets the Democrats out

  30. New Mexico latino voters are sleeping.

  31. The surgeon Hispanic voting is All by design Democrats are hoping that they vote for them never in the history of any nation has a country surrendered its own borders language and culture so willingly. Go take a trip down to Mexico and see your future in another ten or twenty Years

  32. Are we checking IDs. Of course not that would be racist. But showing ID at the gym and the wholesale clubs is good

  33. They can only vote if they are legal!!

  34. Latino white supremacists no doubt

  35. Biden and Democrats become a tyrant government

  36. Latinos don’t worship the government we worship God. Viva cristo Rey! Let’s go Brandon 🇲🇽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. lmao its happening because all the illegal immigrants are getting working SSN, its a another Democrat Mafia fraud to win another election.

  38. Are they citizens or illegals?


  40. California and New York let illegals vote

  41. Better do what you’re told or the Mexicans might take marching orders from president of Mexico and vote democrat. I hope trump does mass deportation if he wins.

  42. Biden Administration handout debt cards to illegals entering the US, giving them $4K per month to vote democrat.

  43. Luckily LATINOS honor God and family and should stay away from the decadent Democratic Party.

  44. Jobs… We have so many Latinos working – they put pace all others.. I can go to any work site all Latino.. Until Non Latinos go broke this will not end…