Saturday , July 24 2021
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Fitton outlines ongoing legal battle for Bruce Ohr, FBI docs

New documents revealed that FBI agents went to former FBI Director James Comey’s home to retrieve memos, according to a report by Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton reacts to the report.

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  1. Think Bigger picture more to come .TY Captain Patrot Tom Fitton, from CT.

  2. The real issue is our seriously deranged president

  3. Mr. Ohr. I knew — he would not give me the source of his

    information, so I couldn't get it.

    Mr. Gowdy. How much of what Chris Steele told you would have

    ever come out in a courtroom?

    Mr. Ohr. I'm not sure it would have. I —

    Mr. Gowdy. Oh, I'm —

    Mr. Ohr. This was source information.

    Mr. Gowdy. I'm pretty sure it would not.

    Mr. Ohr. Right.

    Mr. Gowdy. Why not?

    Mr. Ohr. It was source information. It was hearsay. I —

    Mr. Gowdy. What's hearsay?

    Mr. Ohr. It's something that he did not — it was something

    that he heard from someone else.

    Mr. Gowdy. What is hearsay for those not familiar with the


    Mr. Ohr. A statement that was made outside of court.

    Mr. Gowdy. Offered to prove?

    Mr. Ohr. The truth of the matter asserted, yes.

    Mr. Gowdy. Yes. There are exceptions, but we can't find one

    for what Chris Steele told you. Was Chris Steele talking directly

    to the source?

    Mr. Ohr. I don't know exactly. I assumed he was talking to

    a source. I don't know what the source specifically knew.

    Mr. Gowdy. Did he have subsources?

    Mr. Ohr. I don't know.

    Mr. Gowdy. I'm guessing you never talked to the sources or


    Mr. Ohr. That is correct.

    Mr. Gowdy. Well, Mr. Ohr, that information would never see

    the inside of a courtroom, because you can't cross-examine it.

    You can't find out who, if anyone, really is the source of that.

    Do you agree?

    Mr. Ohr. Yes. But this is not evidence in a courtroom. He

    is providing information from — this is source information. And

    most FBI investigations involve source information, at least in

    the early stages.

    Mr. Gowdy. All right. I don't really want to do this, but

    we're going to have to do it anyway. Why would that information

    not come in a courtroom? Why is hearsay not allowed?

    Mr. Ohr. We don't — the rules of evidence are try to ensure

    that we have, you know, first-person evidence for a courtroom.

    Mr. Gowdy. Why? Why?

    Mr. Ohr. Because we consider that more reliable.

    Mr. Gowdy. Yes. It's more reliable, more likely to be true,


    Mr. Ohr. Yes.

    Mr. Gowdy. And the most powerful tool you have to eliminate

    the truth is what? I'll give you a hint. It's in the Sixth


    Mr. Ohr. Cross-examination.

    Mr. Gowdy. You get to confront the people, right? You get

    to cross them?

    Mr. Ohr. Yes.

    Mr. Gowdy. Not only were you not able to do it, you don't

    even know if Steele was able to do it.

    Mr. Ohr. Right.

    Mr. Gowdy. So best-case scenario, best-case scenario, it's

    double hearsay. Worst-case scenario, we don't have any — it

    could be quintuple hearsay, right?

    Mr. Ohr. I think — I don't know. It definitely is hearsay,

    and it was source information, which is what I was telling the


    Mr. Gowdy. I like the phrase "source information." Source

    information is of no help if the source is not credible, agree?

    Mr. Ohr. The FBI — I agree, but the point — what the FBI

    has to do when it gets information is see if there's other

    information from other places that corroborate the information.

    And this is the point of giving — that's why the FBI collects


    Mr. Gowdy. I guess what alarms me about this fact pattern is

    all the way in December of 2016, a guy named Comey was referring to the information as unverified. That's in December of 2016.

    What happened in October of 2016?

    Mr. Ohr. I'm not sure what you're referring to.

    Mr. Gowdy. Was it used in a court filing?

    Mr. Ohr. I'm not aware of how it was used.

    Mr. Gowdy. Have you read the FISA application?

    Mr. Ohr. I am aware that there was — I've read in the paper

    that some kind of a FISA application was used — or that some of

    the information was used in a FISA application, but I was not

    aware of that at the time.

    Mr. Gowdy. Were you aware that Director Comey referred to

    the information as unverified all the way into December of 2016?

    Mr. Ohr. I don't recall that, you know, at the time, but I

    certainly considered it, as I said, source information.

    Mr. Gowdy. Do you know what steps Peter Strzok took to

    either corroborate or contradict the information?

    Mr. Ohr. No.

    Mr. Gowdy. So you don't know Steele's source.

    Mr. Ohr. Correct.

    Mr. Gowdy. You don't know if he had subsources.

    Mr. Ohr. Correct.

    Mr. Gowdy. You don't know if any of it was even attempted to

    be corroborated or contradicted?

    Mr. Ohr. My assumption is that the FBI tries to corroborate

    the information if they think it's something they want to pursue.

    Mr. Gowdy. How would you know better than Comey? He said it

    was unverified. They didn't even try to corroborate it until


    Mr. Ohr. I don't know what they had, what they were doing.

    Mr. Gowdy. Who at the Department knew that you were talking

    to Chris Steele and Glenn Simpson?

    Mr. Ohr. I spoke with some people in the Criminal Division,

    other career officials who dealt with some of these matters.

    So —

    Mr. Gowdy. Any of them have names?

    Mr. Ohr. Yes. So I was about to tell you. One of them was

    Bruce Swartz, who is the Counselor For International Affairs in

    the Criminal Division; a person who was working with him at the

    time, working on similar matters in the Criminal Division was

    Zainab Ahmad; and a third person who was working on some — some

    of these matters I believe was Andrew Weissmann.

    Mr. Gowdy. Who is that last one?

    Mr. Ohr. Andrew Weissmann. He was the head of the Fraud

    Section at the time.

    Mr. Gowdy. I've heard his name somewhere before, I think.

    Changing the subject, have you talked to anyone on the

    special counsel's team?

    Mr. Ohr. I've had one social contact with a member of the

    special counsel team. An FBI agent who I've worked with in the

    past named Bill McCausland was, at least for a while, assigned to

    the special counsel team from New York. When he was working in

    Washington, we went out for lunch one time. We — obviously, we

    did not discuss the investigation. Other than that, I am not

    aware of any contact with the special counsel team.

    Mr. Gowdy. Did you ever put Chris Steele in touch with

    anyone on special counsel team?

    Mr. Ohr. I don't know. I know that the FBI, at one point in

    2017, asked me to ask Chris if he would meet with the FBI, and I

    conveyed that message. And I know at some point a meeting took

    place. I don't know who from the FBI was present, so I don't know

    if they were from the special counsel team or not.

    Mr. Gowdy. I'm going to have to get you to go back through

    that again. You lost me, which I'm sure is my fault, not yours.

    Mr. Ohr. No, no. Sorry. So — I'm sorry, you're going to

    have to repeat the question so I get it right.

    Mr. Gowdy. Well, I think what I was wondering is whether or

    not Chris Steele either asked you or communicated to you that he

    wanted to talk to special counsel team and whether you made any

    efforts to connect him?

    Mr. Ohr. So the — okay, that's a different question.

  4. So humidity is a bad word? I hate people who hold an overcomer responsible for all the wrong done in that persons life.

  5. GOOGLE… let’s see how many Google employees are patriots and whistleblowers. Put it out there. Get the message over to them and let the TAKEDOWN begin. Enough is enough.

  6. GOOGLE… let’s see how many Google employees are patriots and whistleblowers. Put it out there. Get the message over to them and let the TAKEDOWN begin. Enough is enough.

  7. Imagine if Hillary had become President, none of this would have been made public. That's why they are so much against the President because all their "deeds" have now become public knowledge.

  8. Obama has everything to do with everything.

  9. Criminals have no shame! Very low faith on AG Barr! CLEARLY STALLING!

  10. All politicians are above the Law!

  11. the only way to drain the swamp and bad behavior is to put people in JAIL otherwise it will only get worst for sure and the American people are FED UP paying for all this crap


  13. Bruce Orr and co should be charged with obstruction.

  14. AG Barr waiting for "Bigger and Bolder" crimes to come out about Comey. Hope he goes to jail with Klapper and Brennan and friends, all TRAITORS to OUR COUNTRY. They should have traitor targets on their backs. Can hardly wait to see what other things FBI IG Horowitz and the DOJ Investigator Durham come up with. Put them all, Comey, Klapper, Brennan, Ohr, Struck, Page, McCabe, etc on a slow boat to China.

  15. what makes you think anyone is going to jail??? Barr announced that Comey WILL NOT be charged for giving classified info to NY Times. if Lois Lerner Tony Podesta Huma Abedin have never been charged what makes you think anyone will?

  16. President Trump has been treated the worse of any President that has ever been in the office that has done no wrong or that the Democratic party can find. Why can't something be done to get President Trump justice? Why has it took so long to stop this nonsense from using tax payers dollars to investigate something that will never be found?

  17. Prosecutions NOW. CORRUPTON RAMPANT.

  18. Russia hoax led to the media driven radicalization of Americans that led to the mass shootings at Walmarts and elsewhere.
    When the perps are charged, that should be taken into consideration so that they can be sure to be eligible for capital punishment.

  19. FEDERAL BLACKMAIL , INC in full operation.

  20. Thanks Tom, if not for you and a few others we would still be led by these criminal morons that are happy to take the people's money but only if they can lie and cheat their way to the top unchallenged, May they all be found out and punished for their part in this truly hideous deception.

  21. Comey not being prosecuted is just part of the big government criminal cabal. The elite's system of justice vs.the working class peoples justice system,the difference between daylight and dark !!!!

  22. Tom go to President Trump and ask him to help you. William Barr should be able to assist you as well.

  23. WHEN will these ppl be hung for treason?!

  24. When do the trial for treason begin?

  25. Letting Comey off for leaking now makes it harder for people to claim its all petty "political retribution" if they have a better case to make for more serious malfeasance related to the FISA court fraud. Its the same as dropping a simple weapons charge when you can nail a guy on a bigger drug case.

  26. Dobbs and Fitton: what a bunch of loonies. Read the documents themselves and see how damning they are against Trump. Ohr is a patriot and only doing his job against this ghastly Trump treason.

  27. A 4 Star General going to Prison for remembering something wrong.. while a teasonous B'stard admits criminals acts and walks free.. What is Barr thinking?? Or is Comey co-operating behind the scenes? Is it true that Odumass gave Hillary a pardon?

  28. SO Who's slow walking the IG report? Is he waiting for the statute of limitations to run out like a good little deep state dipsh**? POTUS has to clean out more layers of swamp trash, it's not just on the top. We must not just fire these people, they must be prosecuted. Very easy for Barr to go around and see where the roadblocks are and then ACT. If I was Barr I'd be charging them all with treason. You just need one or two to make an example of. as it is at the moment they all feel they can get away with anything. Any major indictments yet? No. WHEN?

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