Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie Dies At 79

Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie died at 79 after a “short illness” said her family. McVie wrote some of the most cherished lines for the band’s songs. McVie retired from Fleetwood Mac in 1998, after the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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  1. Very shocked. I was just listening to Rumours and Mystery to Me earlier before I heard the news. I was thinking how she's definitely one of the greats,can't believe this.

  2. That's sad. One of my favourite bands of all time

  3. The world will miss you Christine, such a wonderful talent! We personally will miss you and forever listen to your music! RIP 💖

  4. She will be missed 🙁 gotta love Fleetwood Mac

  5. Godspeed our forever SongBird. Thank you.

  6. Why is he talking about her death like an award??? A little empathy would be nice

  7. This is crushing….. true heartbreak….. been a fan for more than 40 years…..

  8. I was born i. 1973 have Always had their music in my life. Seems very sad now they'll start dying off. Just like my senior relitives are dying off in my family

  9. I do believe that was the shortest clip i ever seen@? RiP Dear Lady She was still pritty even though she got older. SHE MUST OF BEEN TRULY BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE

  10. Heard it on the radio about 2 hours ago. I was shocked. I didn't know she was ill. Always loved her music. Songbird, Everywhere, As Long As You Follow dozens of others. You will be missed.

  11. She was a once in a lifetime

  12. She wrote and sang on some of my fave songs of all time. Her music will go on.

  13. Could have played her songs a bit “You Make Lovin’ Fun” RIP

  14. Beautiful soul, gorgeous woman. She’s gone.

  15. Rest in Peace Christine McVie.

  16. I always liked her voice better than Nicks ! I thought she should have been a more prominent part of the group ! But hot chicks, well ——!

  17. People in the entertainment industry expect attention from every day ordinary people in the event of death. How many ordinary every people have died that were not even thought about by people in the entertainment industry? They seem to be very self absorbed.

  18. I loved Christine's voice the most. It seemed to fit perfectly within the songs she sang as lead vocalist. Her voice was soft, but you felt the emotion she was relating to. Just beautiful.

  19. Hold Me Christine McVie Forever May Your Music Bring Us Peace. 🥺🎸💚


  21. "After a short illness" that's not suspicious at all. A SHORT illness? wtf?! That's like saying she died of a common cold. It would make more sense if an electric eel shocked her.

  22. 🎼G🙏🏿💞🌎 💞🙏🏻G🎼

  23. Hard to believe,. Rest in peace Christine.

  24. She wrote a ton of songs. Again you can’t trust NBC to tell the truth.

  25. Massively talented musician, songwriter. I was just listening to her music the other day and singing her praises. Gonna miss her

  26. Wow NBC news… Only 22 seconds for a member of the Iconic Fleetwood Mac?? Pathetic. Just another reason to not click on anything from NBC news.

  27. RIP Christy
    Songbird was and always will be one of my favorites. 😢

  28. Thank you for the music, thank you for the memories ❤️🙏🏽

  29. I am really shocked and sadden by this iconic member of Fleetwood Mac passing away. Christine will indeed be missed by many. The song "You Make Loving Fun" still to this day is my MOST FAVORITE song and and her voice is so iconic! RIP Christie McVie.

  30. We'll miss you Christine, her voice is like a soundtrack of our lives. Thanks for finding her Mick!

  31. RIP Songbird 🕊
    Fleetwood Mac has always been a major part of my life….always will ❤