Saturday , February 27 2021
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Florida Breaks Coronavirus Records With 15,300 New Cases In One Day | NBC Nightly News

Florida shattered records after seeing 15,300 new coronavirus cases in a single day. The state does not have a mask mandate and businesses there remain open, including Disney World, which reopened with restrictions this weekend.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Florida Breaks Coronavirus Records With 15,300 New Cases In One Day | NBC Nightly News


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  3. Way to go Governor D. Your state is now number 1. I bet you've made your mom proud.

  4. Nobody was prepared that Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  5. Nobody was prepared that Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  6. The odds are over 10 million to one in the USA of getting the virus and over 100, million to one of dying from the virus anywhere in the USA or the world.

  7. You think corona is going to stop florida from partying, your unfortunately wrong it isnt which is why your screwed.

  8. Im going disney world baby ASk people around you or find the truth see who is sick or dying china have the flood now no one is dying

    Do not listen to Trump. Do not allow your kids to return to School until such time
    as the Health Experts and School Officials have deemed it safe to do so.
    We need a man who believes in Science.
    Not a “ snake oil “ salesman and quack who promotes Bleach as a cure —
    Touts Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and
    never wore a mask until a few days ago —a full 6 months after Covid 19 began
    and doesn’t believe in Social Distancing.
    This is a serious Crisis— very serious.
    COVID-45 = 138 + K American deaths……..and counting
    The worst record on the Planet.
    The worst leader on the Planet.

  10. lol just keep buying the lies, Dr Brix stated testing 50-80% false positive

  11. I know about this virus you can chat in touch with me through YouTube thanks

  12. There's a "Difference" between Difficult and Impossible! Even if the Disease never completely disappears, we'll find a way to Defeat it! #StayStrongFlorida #StayStrongAmerica

  13. Wow!!!.Anti mask protestors back off. Being responsible for your loved ones, neighbours, friends and society should be the primary concern. Morons, this isn't freedom. When circumstances compel you to adhere to the safety guidelines issued by your authorities do it. Or else freedom would turn out to be unaffordable and costly. Open your eyes Guys… What the heck man…..?

  14. Florida put your masks on
    Incompetent governor and delusional habitants

  15. PS. grayhound is giving these sick people rides across country, and not checking them, my brother was in newyork, and grayhound didn't even bother him.

    From the beginning, the care of
    "infected" patients has been carried out with medical personnel from
    outside the local centers or hospitals, so much so; There are COVID-19 PATIENT
    CARE CENTERS (in all countries they already existed long before …) specially
    installed to offer this service and with their own or very carefully selected
    personnel. The first victims of this "pandemic" were treated and
    "killed" by this type of medical personnel, they are doctors and
    nurses infiltrated to apply the TREATMENT to the victims of TESTEO patients. To
    these stages in which the “contagion” has spread throughout “all the towns”
    (PAN-DEMOS), it has also been necessary to bring this type of medical
    personnel, and how do they infiltrate these “health professionals” in
    hospitals? provinces where there are no such PATIENT CARE CENTERS? Very simple
    and practical! They select a doctor or nurse as a "contagious" and
    according to the "PANDEMIC" PROTOCOL, it is also necessary to isolate
    or separate the companions, that is, they "kidnap" the medical team
    of that hospital, and thus replace the doctors….


  17. Those actors were alittle old for mouse ears .

  18. Let me guess.. its Trumps fault. 🙄🤔

  19. The Mayor is going to need a lot more than another 500 ICU beds. Over 15000 new cases in a day?

  20. Why did the government thinking opening the state was a good idea

  21. Welcome to Florida, where oranges, nuts and idiots grow on trees. Here in Mar-a-lago, we like to boast that we have the fattest orange in the world. ya'll come back now, you hear!

  22. FL.TX lockdown. Please

  23. For sure we are living in a difficult time. This coronavirus doesn't discriminate against any one it can happen to everyone. I am so sorry for what is happening in Florida right now. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. It is all old people that is dying with pneumonia stuff they do not report the death cross the country ever before a lots of people die every day but they were dating all my reports it mostly old people died in nursing home by 89 years old I went to a doctoral bust my head and I got home I looked out my paperwork it said I had a sore throat and stuff which I never had nothing like that this stuff is a joke it's all about potucek

  25. There will be nobody left soon. Omfg. Everyone is dying. What do we do now?

  26. There will be nobody left soon. Omfg. Everyone is dying. What do we do now?

  27. Dying or infecting others to please trump – what fools.

  28. When the world finds out the truth, they are literally going to lose their minds. People love lies the world tells them and refuse any and all truth from shattering their false sense of security. Reminding the world daily and perpetuating new fears is the what continues to hold those that have been taken captive by evil. Wake up people! The coronavirus is not real. COVID 19 is a psychological operation: MK Ultra, Cointelpro… Nothing new. For many, it will take the gilloutines coming out before they become willing to listen and accept the truth. Wake up! Phase 2 of the New World Order is underway! WAKE UP!

  29. Florida, Texas, and Arizona are the most racist states in the USA. I can't feel sympathy for them.

  30. So stupid they had the audacity to open mf Disney world

  31. I know plenty that were in line for the test and then get a call its positive but never took the test …..what a joke

  32. Should have stopped the peaceful protesting sooner…now we're all paying the price, stupid people

  33. There won't be anyone at the repubs convention in FL next month

  34. When pink privilege fails talking bad about the great new York now it's your turn.wasn't you begging for this now you got it.see could you get those pink people to wear mask now hee hee.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. 👉trump: its a hoax.

  36. For the parents that believe it ok to go to Disney world, I wish them well.

  37. What are Floridians doing, coughing at each other? That number tops all of Europe.


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