Florida deputy charged in after man set on fire with stun gun

An Osceola County deputy has been charged after being accused of recklessly deploying a stun gun on a man who was covered in gasoline, which then set the man on fire. WESH’s Senait Gebregiorgis reports.

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  1. The criminal is just mad/sad that justice got to him before the law did.

  2. Take responsibility for your actions! And as for his lawyer, what's the diffrence between a dead lawyer in the road and a dead skunk in the road? Skid Mark's in front of the skunk.

  3. Officer should not be charged ! Wacko reaps what he sowed, his actions caused all this.

  4. "We just want the law obeyed." Oh, really? Because if that were the case, what was he doing running red lights and causing a traffic disturbance?

  5. This guy looks like the king of the ambulance chasers.

  6. I just don't understand why he didn't shoot him.
    Now cops will use this as an excuse not to use their tasers.

  7. The cops should know electricity ignites gasoline ⛽️

  8. Markney James represents Gian Barreto — we just want the law obeyed –so Gian Barreto has plead guilty to all charges?

  9. The lawyer is maricon..🤣

  10. I guess he should have shot the punk instead of tasing him!

  11. Deputy was acting on duty. He is not at fault. Justifying wrong actions of the so called victim by putting the blame on the deputy.

  12. Treat the police with Respect

  13. He ain't riding no more. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  14. A lot of half wits in law enforcement.

  15. Bet he regrets breaking the law now! 😂

  16. Hahahahhaaa burn baby!!!!

  17. Why was this dude “covered in gasoline” at the time of the tasing???

  18. Maybe he shouldn't have actung like a dumbas?

  19. How were they supposed to know he was covered in gas… Plus if he would have been obeying the law it wouldn't of happened

  20. "We just want the law obeyed" Oh, NOW he wants the law obeyed?

  21. Check out that lawyer's crib! 😂

  22. The attorney does have a point, Less than lethal force like stun guns should not be used. Since the pos cyclist could be considered armed and dangerous, lethal force should have been used and we would all be better off for it.

  23. People needs to be responsible for their own actions .. now live with your own stupidity..

  24. Oh well, he did this to himself. The cop shouldn't have to be charged.

  25. This is why I CAN'T STAND lawyers. 1:20 "We just want the law obeyed"…….. shut up, did you not see what your client was doing. Not "obeying" the law you hypocritical buffoon.

  26. Why was he covered in gasoline?

  27. There's a CSI episode about this…

  28. All he had to do was stop making a little situation a big situation.. these kids think they are bigger than the law.. just some stuff can be avoided with common Sense…

  29. That's why you shouldn't have been breaking the law all across town thinking your cool with all your buddies then stop and get gas like you did nothing wrong you got what you deserved bet you learned your lesson Hu not so cool now

  30. This tag line is misleading. He was charged, he didn't charge in…

  31. Just a special Barbecue Operation…… Respect the law.

  32. If it's policy to not use stun guns around flammable liquid, then he clearly did not adhere to policy. He might be personally culpable, but not the city or the PD. AND the kid is going to be dealing with what his actions caused to happen to himself for the rest of his life. You want life to be a free-for-all for you, but cops have to be perfected saints? The world is already not that. We're all human and we're all fallible. Accidents happen. Even if we lived in a fully-enlightened society, physical existence is saturated with vulnerable circumstance.

  33. It’s scary how many people are okay with the officer putting everyone in that gas station at risk by setting someone on fire. All because the guy was a guilty criminal

  34. If you commit crimes you might get hurt. Tough sh**!

  35. Play silly games win silly prizes 🤷‍♀️
    Now what did we learn….smh

  36. "South Florida’s cost of living rose nearly 10% in 2022…" "South Florida’s increase was far higher than the 6.5% rise across the nation."

  37. Make stupid decisions get burned

  38. Bs !!!!! No one new that he was gonna be set on fire 🔥

  39. I love all the comments about this kid breaking the Law. If any of you have driven more than 5 miles above the Speed Limit this week, guess what? YOU BROKE THE LAW! Should someone set you on Fire too???The Self-righteousness in this Country, especially with so many so-called Christians is Amazing. Not saying the kid was right, or the cop, but I am saying, "Those without any Sin amongst you, cast the first stone". Stop being Self Righteous.

  40. He should get to return the favor to the 🐖🐷 y. No questions asked

  41. Even if convicted as he ought to be….. I am sure DeSantis will offer a pardon….fortunately DeSantis will have to stay in Florida…… Because the obstacle to his national ambitions is named TRUMP….love ya JOE BIDEN……. go BLUE

  42. I thought the police would know tasers start fires.

  43. Hope the charges get dropped and he doesn't win his lawsuit he put himself in that situation