Florida Deputy Killed When Roommate 'Jokingly' Fired Gun Thought To Be Unloaded

The sheriff for Brevard County, Florida said 23-year-old Deputy Austin Walsh was accidentally killed by his roommate, a fellow deputy. Walsh’s roommate had been handling a gun he thought was unloaded when he pulled the trigger and shot Walsh. WESH’s Amanda Dukes reports.

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  1. What are they teaching at the police academies these days, it doesn't seem to be the law or gun safety.

  2. There’s something more to this story that they are not saying. Not an accident!

    🍑 🌶

  3. You have to break 2 gun safety rules at the same time for this to happen.

  4. Cant imagine what the roommate must be going through, accidentally killing your friend

  5. Never, I mean NEVER point your weapon at a person. Even unloaded. You just don't do it.

  6. There's no such thing as an accidental shooting. This was definitely negligence and stupidity.

  7. Hmmm…the only 2 guys there…they may have had a fight. Killer may have lied to avoid a murder charge.
    We will probably never know.

  8. I make it a habit to leave the area whenever someone says "you know what'd be funny?!?" and grabs a loaded gun.

  9. Some people will never grow up,

  10. He's probably a Democrat like Baldwin.

  11. thats what happens when your standards to get in to the police for and training are low but hey these are the people we are supposed to rely on to protect us huh

  12. Baldwin did the same thing and was never arrested?…

  13. Did anybody not learn from Alec Baldwin?

  14. Wasn't this learned from the Baldwin murder

  15. If they had girlfriends maybe it wouldn’t have happened

  16. Only Alec Baldwin is allowed to murder someone thinking the gun is unloaded.

  17. His career as a policeman should be over. No excuses for such carelessness.

  18. This is heartbreaking….

  19. The sheriff seems to suggest that it was an accident and just joking behavior. I guess I don’t get police humor.

  20. Negligence is not an accident, it's a poor decision.

  21. Gun safety rules should have been implanted in his brain when he graduated at the Academy. RIP!

  22. Every gun is loaded… until the handler unloads and verifies the breech.