Florida Faces Dire New Threat In Hurricane Ian’s Aftermath

Flood waters are pushing levees to their breaking points. This afternoon, a levee near the Myakka River was compromised, forcing hundreds to flee. The death toll across the state is exploding, with at least 77 now dead. About 35 of those from Lee County alone. More than 5,000 Florida National Guard members are working alongside FEMA to provide relief while neighbors pitch in to help those who lost everything.

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  1. That 12 million would come in handy.

  2. 65% of Arcadia voters voted Republican- the climate crisis deniers party obstructing efforts to save our planet

  3. 7 ft storm surge in fort Myers’s beach??? It was closer to 12-15 ft

  4. There’s a hole in the levee?? Goodness toss Trump and DeSantis in there and plug the breach!! Crisco floats right?

  5. 77?!??!! i cannot even believe it. it’s heartbreaking. absolutely horrible

  6. This is God's aftermath of equality nothing bigger than the G.O.D and God is tired of equality bet this wouldn't happen if everybody got along in the world and seen there freedom and breath to breeth was a blessing in itself take heath of God's motion it gets worse as yall get more blind to lies that make this world move $ but not turn.

  7. I feel bad for the people who lost family and belongings but to the ones who stayed you should have left and the government should have forced them to leave. And then go on live TV and cry I'm not trying to be mean but should have left br smart life is more important 💯

  8. Somebody should ask DeSantis, “Which do you enjoy more: hypocrisy or lying?”

  9. I’m all for helping people but Florida undergoes serious hurricane damage every few years and the federal government, taxpayers, has to bail the state out. Florida needs to establish a large financial reserve to cover the costs. They could do this by passing a modest state income tax with the revenues dedicated solely the reserve. Florida already receives more in federal funds than it pays in federal taxes so it should start carrying its own load and stop depending on the other mostly blue states in paying for its hurricane disasters.

  10. This is what climate change look like. It's going to get worse each year. Just watch.

  11. Infrastructure who is she

  12. Dire New Threat in Florida due to Ian? Possibly sink holes …

  13. And this is the reason Florida should never have been developed as it has been. Hurricanes can be mild but the big one will always come. Read about the 1928 Hurricane in Fl https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1928_Okeechobee_hurricane

  14. Look what man has done .

  15. Everyone please hear this… if you have hate in your heart, racism, sexism let it go! You are not promised tomorrow. God and nature are in command of your existence. Everything you feel is important can be taken in a blink of an eye. Only by uniting will humanity survive future catastrophes. Seek God and love each other!

  16. There is no way this was a high catagory 4 hurricane. The national weather service needs to update this to a catagory 5.

  17. To my fellow Californians planning on moving to Florida…just don't

  18. Wow it's almost as if living in a hurricane prone swamp was a bad idea!

  19. Wonder if DeSantis wants the Mexicans back. Looks like he needs a million or so hardworking immigrants to put his state back together.

  20. this is why you don't live in florida….or california….period.

  21. Ft. Myers is in Lee County. So heartbreaking to see this area devastated. 7 foot storm surge.

  22. Now is the time to buy cheap land in Florida.

  23. Sad, and Scientist predict future storms will be just as severe or worse I can't imagine 😶

  24. It hasn't been decades since a terrible hurricane hit Florida. It's happening frequently now. Hurricane Michael smashed the panhandle of Florida 4 years ago. These hurricanes continue to increase in frequency and intensity. Many Blessings to the people of Florida. I hope you all will survive and rebuild <3

  25. I'm so sorry for these families 😭🙏 God please help them

  26. No sympathy at all for those idiots that chose to stay !!

  27. That's for blasting Nord stream pipeline

  28. 158 mph winds coming…. well, i think i'll stay and then ask people to rescue me. bunch of idiots.

  29. If only Florida weren't so homosexual like her governor, God wouldn't send homosexual-killing hurricanes to Florida.

  30. It is judgment time all over the world and it's time to repent and ask the Most High to forgive you because we living in the last days and he's coming back soon shalom.❤️

  31. republicans say ofcause this has nothing to do with manmade climate change,
    we will see how many more of these storm have to hit them before they get it

  32. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those effected by Hurricane Ian; including my family and friends. 💞

  33. What about the Villages area ?

  34. Continue to run the country like a business then you'll be a 3rd world in no time