Florida residents struggle to rebuild one year after Hurricane Ian

One year after Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida, killing hundreds of people and leaving behind a trail of destruction, residents are still trying to rebuild their lives as the state reaches this grim millstone. NBC News’ Sam Brock reports.

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  1. Where is DeSantis? Guess he’s too busy at the makeup counter😳

  2. With a swipe of pen Biden could help Americans ..here and in Maui. . But no.. 250 billion plus for our 51st state. Ukraine

  3. Doesn't Florida have a Governor? DeSantis is MIA.

  4. When banning everything in sight, and supporting Wannabe DICKtators, this is what you get.
    You voted for this mess. Live with it!

  5. What happened to all that money RhondaSatan’s wife collected for H. Ian victims?

    Who was it spent on? Can she provide receipts for where it was spent? Who oversaw how it was spent? Did she buy more shrimper boots for Ron?

    P.S. I watch your broadcast this evening. Someone might want to let Richard Engel know the children of Ukraine have been going to school in the subways for a long while…John Sweeney knows this, Operator Starsky and many others know this.

  6. American citizens get war abroad and poverty at home while Ukraine gets $223 MILLION PER DAY. The D.C. establishment doesn't care because the American people aren't their concern.
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Gov DeShitAss has done more damage to FL than all of these hurricanes 🌀

  8. One of the best days of my life was when I packed up my family and left Florida.

    Later, gator. Enjoy climate change.

  9. Didn't the Governor's wife vacuum up tons of private donations for herself, meant to help victims?

  10. Where is their governor ,Ron de Santis? Here is his chance to help his own people!

  11. DeSantis is holding on to that money for the hurricane relief from last year and using it in his presidential campaign he hasn't helped any of those taxpayers of Florida .Auto Workers are voting for President Joe Biden 🇺🇲

  12. I wouldn't live in Florida even if someone gave me a free mansion.

    Thanks to fossil fuel companies creating climate change, within a short few decades about one fourh to one third of the state will eventually be under water, which will bring hurricanes to their new coast line.

    Drought and poor manmade farming/agricultural practice created the Dust Bowl which caused deaths and mass migrations.

    Let's hope for the best from government leaders to offset this, but not all of weather related catastrophies will be avoided for decades to come.

  13. Maybe the governor should worry about these types of issues instead of his run for president that won’t happen

  14. Where is Meatball Ron??? Let me guess, he busy losing the presidential nomination of the MAGA Party..

  15. Keep voteing for Republicans thats what you get

  16. But I thought this was USA where they criticize other countries first, but now they can't even rebuild themselves.