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Florida sending law enforcement to help secure US-Mexico border

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody on Gov. Ron DeSantis sending state law enforcement to help aid in addressing the immigration crisis at the southern border. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Uniting to save the country.Hell yeah.

  2. The current administration is a joke! Elected by fraud, both are communists who are not working for the American people.

  3. Please help South Border of California. Governor Newsom is Ruining California.

  4. Florida and Texas will stand together to protect our nation from this so called administration…any other states want to join us?

  5. Biden has to go he is wrecking this country how do we remove Biden harris

  6. This governor has it right. Imagine being an American politician and believing it’s your job to work against the American people. Then throw in all the citizens that think that’s the right way to work. WTF?????? As if I expect the leader of Italy to put anyone but Italians first. Governor Noam (sp?) has also invited all law enforcement from democrat cities to South Dakota. And here in California, Newsom wonders why he’s getting recalled.

  7. All states Republican states do this .dem states and biggie eye Biden won't help.its up to you to save our country

  8. IDAHO has joined to protect the border..

  9. Ron Desantis is truly a patriot of our nation

  10. Trump behind bars……………It's where that disgusting traitor belongs

  11. Biden is still looking for his Easter eggs that he hid

  12. Ron desantis is the frigin man he loves this country as much as mr .trump ! Godspeed sir🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  13. Thank you for sending help, Governor DeSantis! And kudos to Govermor Abbott for asking for help.


  15. Biden knows what is going on!!!! This is TREASON!!!!!

  16. Wait, Florida is doing something good? Oh man what a time to be alive

  17. Texas also needs to get some of the residents and farmers to help them

  18. "Stop the Stem of Tide".. ok new spokesperson

  19. Florida has no authority on the Texas border. Any action they take would be criminal. Great they want to assist. Horrible they have no authority to do so.

  20. Great the USA deserves to be great just as it has always been. Can't keep watching as any one good or bad sets up shop here.give the people a little help money wise and see what you can run by them while they aren't t looking.

  21. In theory, Biden, Harris, AOC, Pelosi, Omar, Schumer, etc…have broken enough laws that they could logically be arrested in Florida and Texas…..nobody is above the law

  22. Would it not be great if all red states sent some officers to the border?

  23. Sad sack senile sock puppet that got 80 million votes from his basement. Seriously?

  24. To the woman Ashley; stop complaining and start bringing impeachment charges against Biden, Harris and Palosi. Americans need to stop listening to the reporters and to Trump. Trump is keeping this bickering argument going with Joe Biden; because like all politicians, he doesn't want the American people to know what is planned out for them. THEY ARE TAKING YOUR FREEDOM AWAY EACH DAY; ALL THE WHILE YOU TAKE SIDES BETWEEN TRUMP AND BIDEN!!!!Trump knows to keep his mouth shut, but instead he opens it so the people can't hear the full arguments. Biden can't think because of his illness, so his wife, Harris and Pelosi is directing him. They are the ones who will end up locking you up for speaking your mind. PEOPLE, STOP WATCHING THE NEWS FIGHTS ABOUT BIDEN AND TRUMP. Start watching what the other people around the above mentioned ones and see what they are doing without your knowledge.

  25. Glad States are taking care of business! Biden is a disgrace to America!!!

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