Florida Sheriff To Crack Down On ‘Disruptive’ Students

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey appeared to support tougher disciplinary measures in schools, alerting “disruptive” students in a press conference, “We’ll be your worst nightmare.” WESH’s Scott Heidler reports.

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  1. They weren't so tough in Uvalde standing in the hallway for 77 minuets sanitizing their hands while kids were getting slaughtered!! FuckOff

  2. I am not to say there is a problem with this issue in Florida, but I know that threatening a child is never the answer. To tell a child to find someplace else to go to school is ridiculous. Since when is the child's decision to decide where to go to school.

  3. This is the sheriff of my county after expulsion I'm unsure of what they can do to kids. But it doesn't seem like some of these kids have a home structure or parental figure or are having trauma at home and releasing it at school by acting out. Good students are always going to good student tho.

  4. Did this sheriff just threaten children?

  5. Your savior DeSatan has all the answers for Florida.

  6. You will respect my AUTHORITAI!!!!

  7. Start arresting the parents

  8. Crackdown? Exactly how? There needs to be laws passed in order to crackdown. I say disorderly conduct charges for the parent(s) and the student. School is to learn so learn, let learn or get the fk out.

  9. I’m sorry, but when did the rights of students wanting to learn become secondary to those who don’t! I’m not saying I agree with his methods but prioritizing learning has got to become the primary job of teachers 👨🏾‍🏫 🧑🏽‍🏫 👩🏼‍🏫 again instead of being a babysitter, a counselor, a nurse, a social worker, a mediator, and a warden. Right or wrong, the fact is if there’s no accountability at home and no accountability at school, there will be accountability in jail.

  10. The usual suspects, just in sub-adult form.

  11. they should start a new exchange student program but with north karea send them for one month and see a big difference

  12. I like this change hopefully it doesn’t turn racial but, simply just discipline to those who need it

  13. I worked in a charter school here in florida and I can say I did NOT leave because of the students!! In fact it was my students that gave me the inspiration to come in to work everyday for as long as I did, and I miss all of them and hope they're doing well. The world has turned cold to children, and they can feel it! Threatening children with violence when the real issues in school stem from the central office and school board is ridiculous to me! This type of attitude toward children will only streamline the school to prison pipeline, there's a reason he's standing in front of a jail while he threatens minors. God I can't wait to get out of this state, speaking from a florida native

  14. That sheriff is the 'little snot'. What a backward attitude.

    He blows right out of the 18th century.

  15. He definitely doesn't need to be around children

  16. This is how you talk about kids

  17. what a bully, great role model for the kids.

  18. That man has an awful attitude and shouldn't be allowed near any children.

  19. It's not because of the students it's some the rest is the lies republican put out their but that wanna be sheriff won't say that he's an azz kisser of the republican party

  20. Ok, it looks like the sheriff probably drank a bottle of redhot, just to go on camera for students who are probably doing what students have been doing for the past century. So he just probably makes things worse by drinking that bottle of redhot?

  21. They still have public schools in floriduhhhh? Even after Betsy DeVoss privatized schools in red states? Why go to school anyway, y’all don’t need no edumacation to pick cotton, clean chicken carcasses or wash tourists cars.

  22. Florida is trying to be some kind of wannabe dystopia?

  23. Maybe you can explain that there are only two genders . Home schooling is great

  24. Uhm……did that sheriff just threaten a bunch of kids? Yup,sure did.

  25. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  26. Will this sheriff be disciplining the child who's Florida's governor?

  27. he sounds like a real professional! what an embarrassment!

  28. What's a disruptive student REALLY?

  29. Florida man, Florida boys.

  30. they are being called groomers and being harassed by parents.

  31. Nothing helps kids more than being threatened with physical harm. Says so right here on page 1 of the Dinosaurs Guide to Whippersnappers.

  32. I am sure the teachers in Florida are leaving because students do not behave and not because they are being called groomers and being harassed by parents.

  33. Sounds like the aggrandizing sand bar of Florida has its work cut out for it if it will attract decent people to live there.