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Florida superintendents ‘discouraged’ by governor’s COVID policies

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an order allowing parents to decide whether or not to send their child to school even after being exposed to COVID-19.

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  1. Of course there is this Inconvenient truth the left ignores. According to the CDC,
    200,000+ Covid deaths or roughly, 1/3 of the total US deaths, have happened under Biden. In the US, there are over 143,000 new cases and  2,000 deaths per day from covid-19 still happening. New covid cases per day, Colorado 1,800, California 800, New York 5,300, Minnesota 2,300, Massachusetts 1,800. All of this, is under Biden's watch.

  2. Boycott abc…Biden’s communist propaganda machine…bias lies. Disgusting narrative

  3. Снимите с детей маски в аду гореть будете за ево обман и ложь и

  4. More lies from All Biden Channel.

  5. Vote DeathSantis out he's done for

  6. Too much freedom is deadly. That’s why it’s called PUBLIC Health. Everyone needs to do their part for the General Welfare.

  7. if people dont want to get the jab they need to be forced to the ground and givin it this is about saving lives screw freedom if that means selfish fks kill ppl by not getting immune

  8. if school superintendents are discouraged of how Florida voters want their schools run, then they are welcome to go somewhere else.

  9. This comment section is full of people who apparently never grew up.
    Get your shots, mask up and stop being such a bunch of children.
    You turn you precious progeny over too the schools. And expect that they will not only educate them. But, protect them as well.
    You would sue them if they didn't meet that standard.

  10. Great job Desantis! If celebrities don’t have to follow covid rules and wear masks, why should our children?

  11. Socialist Democrats would love nothing more than to see their utopian dream society such as how Australia has become

  12. MSM had no issue with NFL stadiums get packed or thousands attend MTV Awards!

  13. You can tell who has their lips attached to DeStupids ass👄🙈🙉🙊👎

  14. Tell him to move to California or New York.

  15. DeSantis should be removed from office and jailed for the deaths of americans due to his disinformation about covid the vaccine and mask wearing

  16. Wrong. One leftist superintendent. Pointless and useless.

  17. Public schools are now all communist Indoctrination centers.

  18. As a regular ABC World News viewer I was extremely disappointed that David Muir did not give us an update on CNN's Don Lemon's sexual assault allegations on another man. I had to hear it from Megyn Kelly.

  19. Masked kids equals child abuse, let them breathe damn it.

  20. Floridiots and Ron DeSatanist

  21. Student are not at risk. This is Political. Just like unvaccinated are not putting vaccinated at risk. That’s ignorance with no science to back it. The vaccinated are the super spreaders! That is actual scientific fact not liberals political driven science. I live in Florida and the media is playing games with statistics and out right lying to the public!

  22. Florida superintendents ‘discouraged’

    I'm discouraged by schools in general.

  23. What the heck is wrong with the reporters eyes???? 👀 👁 🥴 😵 🙄 👀 👁

  24. The Covid shot IS NOT A VACCINE!

  25. Let these poor kids live

  26. Let’s not forget that teachers unions kept kids out of school for an entire year in spite of doctors and psychologists saying kids needed to be in school.

  27. Lol, these leftists can't control the adults and make them be afraid of covid19 so they are lording over children instead. BLM has killed more kids than covid19. Thats a fact.

  28. These are not safe!! Not even close to other vax!! I keep getting deleted when i mention Pelosi and Obama having old folks and dancing all night maskless, when kids have less than 1% chance of serious issues from C 19!! Adults wouldn't be dying either if we were using proven therapeutics that i can't mention here!

  29. 351,000 people filed initial jobless claims in the week ending September 18, up 16,000 from the previous week, according to the government. Missing Trump yet?

  30. It is time for the President to invoke an emergency Proclamation removing the power to deal with covid from the governors of the states.
    This is not a state thing this is a country thing and if we don't get better at fixing this problem it will never go away. And let's face it states like Texas Mississippi and Florida are total failures and they're going to destroy this country.

  31. My father was military and vaccines were a part of our life. We had them all. 32 yrs as RN I had to have titers done as well as proof of vaccines. All my titers were positive. This tells me I was protected even now.

  32. There needs to be an emergency Proclamation removing #DeSantis from Power. Yale and Harvard have lost all credibility as top schools by having someone as stupid as #DeSatan pass through them. #FloridaIsAFAILURE

  33. Look at all the libtards in here lol 😆 😂 🤣

  34. Big Government & Special Interest Agenda is to Indoctrinate the Weak minded for total Power & Control over its inventory of Future Slaves.

  35. Those people are not Doctors. So get back to teaching our children.

  36. Now you can collect your money!

  37. The covid Vaccine is A synthetic man-made vaccine not like our old vaccines . Don’t be dumb morons

  38. Those school superintendents are being paid by Fauci! Communist

  39. Best Governor ever wish he was our Governor in Pennsylvania

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