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Florida woman accused of making 2 dozen pipe bombs | ABC News

Authorities have arrested Michelle Kolts, 27, who is accused of stockpiling homemade pipe bombs and having an arsenal of weapons with the intent to hurt people.


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  1. Jesus fuckin Christ, this woman was absolutely LOADED. She had an arsenal good enough to wreck havoc on a city.

  2. A female terriost? That's rare

  3. I bet if she was a different race, the tone of this story would be much different…

  4. She was going to do it at Caldwell, one of the people she was targeting was my uncle

  5. Dont stop them. Fucking let them do it. Truth is we all love this shit. True we turn on the news hoping to see things like this

  6. Was she going to Disney World?
    Imagine that headline..
    'Tragedy at the Magic Kingdom..
    Mickey, Donald and Goofy among the victims..'

  7. See people you can't even read books??? She didn't do anything wrong???? What are they going to charge her with????

  8. she's white so of course 'must be mentally ill'.. Good lord…

  9. Really is that the
    Books on domestic terrorism
    Sounds like. A trump supporter to me

  10. Mentally insane me heck, she damn well know what she is doing.

  11. Damn these left wing terrorist are going crazy

  12. Its called terrorism. Not mental health.

  13. How does America produce so many terrorists ?
    Just what the heck were these people taught as they were growing up ?

  14. shes a fucking terrorist. call her a terrorist. tell us who she was planning to kill not victimize her cause shes white and tell her she just needs help. she WILL be back on the news

  15. trump makes people more crazy. he deescalates nothing.

  16. Liberal domestic terrorist! Her parents were nice not letting their child blow up innocent people. Let's send then a thank you note!

  17. She must be a liberal because do not demonize her plans to murder other Americans!

  18. They don't want to demonize this woman less highlight her parents speaking up👍

  19. craziest shit is that i know this woman… she used to live in state of washington and was besties with my sister

  20. Demonized? Shehe needs a Hugme straight jacket


  22. We should band pipe bombs and assault pipes 🤔

  23. Fake Guns and FAKE Pipe Bombs! Give me a freaking Break!

  24. Let's hear it: Tell us how "men" responsible for this one.

    Let's hear how she's an incel.

  25. Even the woman in Florida are cray cray.

  26. Could you imagine the mayhem she would have caused,……….

  27. I think Americans are going to be terrorists now , and we have even seen that as open shooting or killings which occurs 3 to 5 times in a year.

  28. Mom: What happen?

    Dad: Someone has set up us the bomb.
    Michelle: All your base are belong to us.
    Mom: What you say!!
    Michelle: You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  29. An online bookseller ratted her out based on the books she was buying? Glad she was caught, but that part of the story raises an eyebrow…

  30. I feel so bad for the parents. Must have hurt them to do this.

  31. Too bad she didn't get to carry out her plans.

  32. Pipebombs
    Ok.. Lets say your part o the revoluto a cult or a bigger plan.. Somebody says you have 20 pipebombs or a unlimited osupply of pipebombs that will have people put where or however you need..
    -What is goingtobe your plan? how would use this technology or nfluence of pipebomb making.
    – I watched this story about the girl and all the pipebombs.. shoes yousome serial killer stuff (books) then a handfull of screws, along wth a aresenal of gun ( but mentons nothng about the guns or knives they show, those are visual aids suggestive on editing).. But when i watched the video, was lke shit, i better right something about not killing people. but really the video wasabout pipebombs, some how i amounted that to "killing people, on accident, or dd alyisis of the news story"

    (is a pipe bomb made to be put in a "pipe" is it a contruction tool made to destory or rebuild stuff, maybe like whatever you can thnk of, like maybe somewhere far way of peope or humans, i saw on the news today "a underground transformer"blew up, is that like the work of something a pipe bomb can do, i heard of no inuries in the new story)

    I guess what im tryng to say is,if tryning to over throw a system, create a revolution.. Never take the bait that violence or killing people with bombs is the way to do it.
    The way to do it is to create crowds, where people are pissed off or together, instead of running for there lives or fear only type stuf (lke in a mass shooting, or somebody creating noise that is or sounds like gunfire n a crowded place)
    Think like a traffic jam scenerio, that last 5 to 20 hours in a 5mile radius….Wthout telling you do this, but the same way some people try to give you damaging thoughts showng you pictures of nails, pipes and pipe bombs along with a bunch of guns and knives, put together like with seral killer books [like a fucked up gargage sell momentum or thrft shop idea] in the new national or public… Im theres ways to be constructive with your stradedgy. A large crowd, " have you ever hacked basic crowd movements, ( like large numbers,think like creating a tailgate party or you movemeent or revolution to prooveor create infuence for marketing or revolutonary stuff

    Alright let me point something out. For all people Anarchy, and revolution movements whatever it is so to speak TGB the way i mean it.
    The Tailgate thoery.. Tailgate party: It People Drving into Traffic, Contrustuted by roads, waterways and parkinglots. Its thousands of millions of people, becoming stuck, they end up parked, getting ripped, then coming together to have a bunch of emotions chants, rallies, fuck all kinda of influence n the past. Its somebody who "hacked civil engeerng to create buisness" they even gave the goverment and cop job to d, directng traffic smiling blah blah..

    So how do you create a tailgate party ( or a suprise tailgate party, on any day of the week), without a football team, with a city or multiple cities… How do you do it anywhere or with a plan, to where you can thousands of fans, who get involved and follow it… thats how you create a revolution or anarchy thing type stuff,, there money in it too! important our going to need to see that,your going to need props water bottles, jerseys and IMPORTANT Fan flair, ( your goingto need to understand to have "fans, even ithere "fake" and your talkin real sht, death or die blah..
    na you ant nobody going to actually die for there football team on purpose, but they can create a tailgate full of millions of people with chants and roars in the past
    thats how you work on a revoluton, a anarchy, a movement thng, some real TGB the way i mean it
    You might notice " somebody said violence only is"
    Violence is a stradegy….. " who claims violence? Theres many ways to claim things. A hosptal claims broken bones, by charging for you for it. It claims our broken bones. So who claims inuries and your health? You get a bill, or pay for it maybe a hospital in the past

    But who claims Violence? Who charges your for you for you violence, How much do they charge you for it n the past whats the bill how much does it cost?
    So how do you beat that as a revolution or anarchy with all the real stuff considered and population stuff, i would recommend looking at the tailgate theory above.. people and movements, then adding on or bulding to it.
    – So football claimed "no violence" they hacked the government the civil stuff and agencies, along with traffic cops and cities… and they own a portion of the population, litterlly all of it the country in the past, the whole world piece so to speak.. Tailgating theory look at what it is TGB the way i mean it

  33. come on florida, you can take the occasional weekend off

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