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Fmr. border patrol chief to Kamala Harris: ‘What’s so funny’ about border crisis?

Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief and Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello on President Biden and Kamala Harris’ approach to the current border crisis. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Come to Arkansas, you want to see people laughing at drugged out kids, or kids taking, you have all kinds in Authority laughing, made up records, O yeah, I forgot, I live in Arkansas, keep your mouth shut state. Well since I texted it maybe they and yes we know who (they) are, gotta go someone's knocking at the door

  2. She's been laughing from the time she met Biden & found out the whole plan…

  3. Joe will save us from the Magic Apple Curse yo 🤣😂😅😅😂

  4. Biden Harris aren't stupid. There voters are.

  5. America can see with eyes wide open on how Unprepared Harris is to hold the office of Vice President. And there is nothing laughable
    About it…

  6. Black version of (Sarah Palin) 2.0
    I take that back
    Sarah Palin at least was a Governor of Alaska.

  7. Nitwit Harris! Needs first hand look see at the border versus believing what she reads! Border magnate? More like border ignore today tomorrow n the next! The loser needs to go back underceill browns desk with her knee pads from whence she came!

  8. We have to all remember….Kamala is just a paid stool pidgeon….and a total joke….but she was placed there just to fill a seat..

  9. Didn’t realize Maria B had some sort of tongue tied twisted lisp thing going on..sound like her teeth sliding around


  11. She dumb as a glass of water 😆

  12. Her laugh is horrible sends like a spoiled child.

  13. We'll have to wait. She will keep her hair and makeup appointment first. CLOSE THE DAGGONE BORDER.

  14. Harris needs to go to the border with all the drugs coming into this country

  15. Any parent that sends their children to the border and deserts them, they do not deserve their children back.

  16. Because trump is a 🤡 and it’s funny so she likes to laugh .

  17. She won't go to the border because she might be recognized by fellow criminals…

  18. Kamala Harris, is actually pathetic and also stupid person.

  19. Because ,Kamala is a Moron,plain and simple ,a Moron

  20. this moron thinks he's smarter than trump how's l that working out


  22. It's all fun and games for some……. Until the baby shits the bed…. Then SOMEBODY has to clean it up😠😡🤬🎭

  23. There is more support for the Guatemalan President then Biden and Harris. The world know these two are a side show at the circus 🎪

  24. Her laughter is an ‘in your face, white America,’ you cannot stop us from bringing all the immigrants we want….you are now powerless to stop us. And we don’t care how many of your laws we break! Same reason many men want to wear their pants almost down around their knees…we don’t like or accept your culture…SO IN YOUR FACE!

  25. Kamala doesn’t want to be grilled about their failed immigration policies!

  26. Too bad they will never give any str8 answers. And the media will be pre loaded w BS questions for the next 2-3 weeks. In their context, thinking we will forget. Also until the next phase of their smoke and mirrors planned crisis is unfolded. Thanks democrats.

  27. Everything's funny to hug because she's stoned test her

  28. Who wouldn't laugh at republicans wanting her to go stare at a wall. Going to the border has always been nothing more than a distraction tactic. What do you expect staring at a wall to accomplish? The only reason Ted Cruz went was to distract from him abandoning his state to run away to Mexico.

  29. Why SHOULD she go since she apparently has no desire to do anything about it!

  30. I hear she is coming out with a candy bar called the Cackle!

  31. JOE BIDEN cut out throat when he ripped up What PRESIDENT TRUMP has accomplished. I vote to remove JOEY BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS from office 😠

  32. Seriously what is Cabala Harass’ problem? And yes, it is spelled that way for a reason.

  33. Great 👍 good Biden you have kids lock up from 51 country's so who voted for this guy well are you proud

  34. Kamelee Harris is a worthless human being. She has no intentions of serving the American people. She is the 1st one to cry out 'oh Ive been stepped on because Im black'. as vice president her aim is to do as little as possible and receive a big fat pay check at the tax payers expense. Kamelee is an embarassment to the human race.

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