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Fmr. Haitian Senate president sounds off on the Clintons

Former Haitian Senate President Bernard Sansaricq weighs in on the Clinton Foundation’s Haitian relief effort controversy.


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  1. Why in God's name would anyone vote for another crooked democrat because they are all Godless crooked lowlifes.

  2. Cash/pay 2 play…. this is all nanobabble rubbish. The "REAL" crimes committed there are those against humanity; they trafficked 1,000s' of children out of there for the purpose of ritualistic sacrifice and adrechrone harvesting. Q.:" THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK". WWG1WGA!

  3. Fox News is horrible! They Cut off interviews every time.

  4. Cmon the Clintons involved in corruption. I cant believe it. Audit the clinton foundation before the emails and harddrives disappear.

  5. :04:00 ~ "Tell bill clinton I AM NOT FOR SALE." Bernard Sansaricq, Former Haitian Senate President {{ and neither are my Country, or my PEOPLE! }} Blessings, Madonna 🙏🏽

  6. cia crepy human handelers. poor kids

  7. Then Hillary tried to take kids out to eat.

  8. Bill & Hill , Partners in crime, Family owned since 1975 .

  9. The majority of the money was funneled into democratic party

  10. They did do something in Haiti. They built a textile plant, away from the damaged parts of haiti,no rebuilding efforts no help to the people scammed out of billions. Why would Obama give all that U S taxpayer money and let bill clinton control all donated money?

  11. And that's why the criminal family's have lost all credibility in most sane Americans minds. You have shamed yourselves. By the way socialist communist are unwanted by capitalist democracies. It just doesn't work look around liberal nuts you want Venezuela as your future.

  12. Someone needs to step up and make these two phonies responsible for all the money they STEAL!!

  13. How long does the world have to wait before the Clintons are finally dealt with ? God dammit !! How long!!!!

  14. Arrest these 2 thugs immediately AG Barr
    Make them accountable!

  15. This is old news. I knew this. Why is the news years behind. Get it together FOX.

  16. Today is August 26th, 2019 and she's not in Orange yet…..Whats that all about?

  17. i can’t stand those criminals. they never go away always back to make another dollar so ridiculous

  18. What sucks is this anchorwomans facial expressions like she cant wait for him to shut up. These are points of view we NEED to hear.

  19. And democrats are taking the moral ground . Awfull people hope they all have to pay.

  20. Why are they not being charged and imprisoned for their crimes? Somethings smells real bad here. Haiti should have US sued for what the Clintons have gotten away with then maybe we’ll get to the truth with the Trump administration

  21. Crooked Hillary and Bill never miss an opportunity to steal from the unfortunate. They are sick twisted sociopaths that should have been eliminated from society a long time ago but so far they have been protected by Obama, MSM, and others they've bribed.

  22. I keep thinking about 2020 election. I seriously believe that the ticket should be Donald Trump and Nikki Haily!!!! Yes, I really do know they are Alpha Males, but it is time for a female Vice President and she does work good with the President. She will go after the Deep State with the same fever as Trump!!! Lastly, the whole world is afraid of her and the President – are unpredictable to the leaders of the world.

  23. Wouldn't surprise me if the Clinton's & Obama MANMADE THIS EARTHQUAKE. with special technologies JUST TO GATHER BILLIONS IN AID FOR THEIR OWN AGENDA. Governments have technologies to generate such things. The US should hand over everyone involved in this scheme of theft to the Haitian People and let them punish this crime by their standards of penalties. Put it on Pay-Preview

  24. Amazing how the entire world knows how corrupt and dirty the Clinton Crime Family is, yet nothing happens

  25. The last Haiti official that spoke up mysteriously committed suicide.

  26. Boy the fox host tried to shut him down we have to go to a hard break we have to go to a hard break.

  27. Clinton 'suicided' the Hatian ambassador shortly before he was to testify against the clinton global crime syndicate….Pathetic.

  28. I'm tired of getting taxed Every Which Way but Loose I want to retire but I can't pull from my 401k or my IRA account and I get penalized on my own money and then I get taxed on it

  29. OMG! This hasn’t been exposed enough! Repeat this over and over and over again.

  30. They both need to be hung! What they did to Hati is ungorgivable.

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