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Footage released of fatal Chicago police shooting of teen | WNT

Body camera footage was released Thursday that showed the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago on March 29. Police claim Toledo had a gun when confronted by officers.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. One less thug who eventually would have killed someone running lose on the streets.His street nickname was little homicide he was up to no good,it was that cops life or his.he was old enough to make this choice so he paid the consequences.plus its illegal to posses a handgun in Chicago.this boy was not an angel he was out with a 21 yr old firing that gun at random cars.the cop was in the clear by firing.

  2. I came up in Houston in the 60s and 70s. We had the worst in the nation and the killings, I see today shadows the crooks here. I will never forget nor let anyone Jose Campos Torres who was taken from the city jail and thrown in Buffalo bayou and drowned and Randy Webster 1982. Throw down gun traced by to the police property room. None of the criminal cops did more than 2 years.

  3. Don't care if his 13 or 80 years old. You act stupid, that's what happens

  4. Why is a 13 yr.old in the streets at 2 30 am

  5. Lol yup he played grown up games and won grown up prizes.

  6. 13?years old and already carrying a gun around on the streets of Chicago? The officer did everyone a favor. We all know where that kid would be in 5 more years.

  7. Nice ABC, you edited out the second where you easily see the gun in his right hand as his left shoulder is pointed at the officer, you also didn’t play the shot finder video/audio of the 8 gun shots this kid fired minutes earlier. It’s all about your narrative, #fakenews.

  8. What a load of horseshit.
    If you want to die just ignore what an officer is telling you.
    Everyone knows that.
    If you want to die then just resist being arrested.
    We cannot expect the police to Wrestle with everybody who wants to run or fight.
    If people are so desperate that they're choosing death by police for resisting then we need to look at why they're so desperate.
    I'm sure there could be plenty of reform with the courts in the prisons and are punishment system in the country..
    I'm sure most people would learn their lesson with a small fine versus 6 months in jail.
    There's no solution to police shooting people, who resist arrest or may have a weapon.

    . Right now I can only think of two examples of police shootings that I thought were completely out of line.
    1. The Castillo case. He told the officer he had a gun as he was complying with the officer to get his license out of his wallet in his back pocket. The officer immediately shot him in front of his lady friend and his baby in the backseat.
    All this over a broken tail light in the wrong neighborhood.
    Once again this is a case of the police upholding the racist Kings orders to keep their streets clean from the undesirables surfs.
    2. The other case where the retarded kid was playing with the toy and his caretaker was on his back screaming at the police, "don't shoot, he's retarded!"
    After a long standoff one of the officers decided to fire around.
    My understanding in both these cases the officer was exonerated and not prosecuted for criminal assault.
    This idea that the police are supposed to cajole people into complying and not allowing them to use deadly force is a recipe for total disaster.
    Right now the police hardly want to get involved with anything that they think might be a civil matter. I'm sure they abuse that term civil matter in about 50% of cases that they could prosecute his criminal.
    I know if I was a police officer I'm not going to go chasing after somebody who's resisting because that could be career ending or worse yet ruin my life forever.
    We're heading down that path.
    Along with police officers saying it's a civil matter we are going to now start to hear police officers say "Oh well, their resisting I guess we'll try later"

  9. What was a13 yo doing out at 2:30 am with a handgun. This (imho) is 100% the parents fault. I have a14 and 15 yo and I can tell you right now, neither of mine have EVER been out at 2:30 am. So very sad. And one more thing, why did the young man need a gun? That’s what the parents need to be asked. But yes the officer was wrong but so were the parents. My only thought is we all need to be better parents and know where your child is AT ALL TIMES.

  10. Ya say ya failed him but ya the one that shot him like wtf


  12. Justified shoot, video shows gun in hand and office telling him not to move. He moved, he’s dead. Next

  13. Chicago failed ALOT of kids.. this isn’t new.

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  15. Cops : "Put your hands up!"
    Suspect (teenager): raises empty hands
    !!! BANG !!!
    Cops : "They had a gun"
    Body Cam : no gun ….
    Isn't America supposed to be the land of the brave?

  16. Now we wait to see if that same mayor Who has done nothing but failed the city of Chicago and other politicians use this to stoke the flames of division. Or if they sweep it under the rug because it can’t be used to push a narrative

  17. The child was NOT innocent, he was an accomplice of a criminal. Probably in 5 years he would be arrested for narcotics and weapon possession

  18. Who you blaming for ruining Chicago for 100 years, Al Capone….

  19. The city did not fail the boy. We as a community did.. The city is not responsible for taking care of our kids. We are. The adult who took out the child at 3am to go shooting at motorists should be charged with the child's murder. A camera captures everything. A police officer with a human eyes had to make a split second decision. Either the officer goes home to his family at the end of his shift or wait and be killed.

  20. That’s mean, you gotta admit, it’s funny too, she could be Beetle’s mom for sure

  21. 13 years old, in the Latin kings gang, missing for 2 days, out at 2 in the morning, shooting at cars and the police that came after him, pulls out his firearm and throws it behind him right before the police shoot which could be mistaken as him pulling out to fire, nickname was lil homicide. I not happy a young boy died but when are going to start putting the responsibility and blame on the parents?

  22. Democrat cities are total shitholes , no laws, no punishments just rampid crime and death,,MAYOR LIGHTFOOT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF

  23. People need to understand that this was ultimately the cops fault. It’s obvious and clear from the bodycam that this cop was very inexperienced with how fast he reacted after the 13 year old boy raised his hands. If he waited just 1, 2 or 3 seconds, he could have just arrested him. But rather not thinking before he acts, just like the cop that killed Dante Wright

  24. Why does this kid have a gun, how did he get a license, must be a loophole in the licensing department 😂🤣

  25. So the kid is running around at night with a gun, doing who knows what, runs from the cops, tries to throw the gun behind a fence, pops out, gets shot. Sounds like it is the fault of the young man having a gun and resisting arrest, and his parents for doing a horrible job. The officer is chasing a person with a gun, in the dark; this seems like the logical result. Tragic, but 1% officer's fault, 99% the kids choices and his crap upbringing.

  26. The boy’s family failed. News flash: if you resist police or run away with a gun in your hand they should shoot! STOP 🛑, hands up, and live. Go to court and you will be back out in a few hours.

  27. Why aren't the parents questioned about their child being out at 2am, with a gun, involved in a shooting? The cop fired one shot, that's pretty restrained. In a perfect world nothing would have happened, but the blame can't be put on a cop trying to protect the public

  28. Well, police, you fucked up. You fucked up big time.


  30. I mean the kid wasn't going to do any good in society if he was left alive

  31. Play the video back at 0.25 speed starting at 1:40. Pausing as you go frame by frame as you go using the space bar. You can see the gun in his hand at 1:41. The gun is throw behind the fence at 1:42 and the officer shoots. He had around 1 second to react to the kid dropping the gun and most likely did not see it. The media wants you to believe the the kid dropped the gun way before this.

  32. I don’t understand why police departments are allowing tattooed ex-cons to sign up ?

  33. that video has missing frames

  34. 'Bad Parenting' in Chicago is
    why these stories happen!

  35. one less future criminal running the streets….give that officer a medal…

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