Monday , September 27 2021
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Forbes unveils list of 2020 presidential candidates' net worth

Forbes Senior Editor Dan Alexander breaks down the net worth of the 2020 presidential field.

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  1. Tusli Gabbard seems to be an accurate Net Worth from her 2 jobs. She doesn't make much from the National Guard but 6 figures from Congress which if invested correctly would make her net worth right around that $500,000.

  2. Tulsi 2020. Mainstream media hates her

  3. Its not about the evil rich, its about making the rich pay a fair share in taxes and not abuse tax loopholes and write offs. And yes, thatd apply to them as well.

  4. Is this their net worth or their total groos assets? Are they including any assets held on a trust they ser up? There is so much info missing to get a clear picture. Its funny how all these socialists made their fortune through capitalism. Your welcome!!

  5. More money more problems 3.1B?

  6. Donald Trump is literally richer than all of their net worth’s combined

  7. Lemme guess, all sociopath billionaires???

  8. I'm just trying to understand why they avoid putting Andrew Yang up there he's the best candidate we have he has no enemies

  9. Money from his family lol

  10. Six figure house bought. Lol. dumb as a brick

  11. There is no hypocrisy they are not supporting full on socialism or the evil rich… that’s just the right wing narrative… America is a capitalist country no one wants to change that.

  12. If you’re not rich, you can’t run for President, it’s probably why aoc wants a raise on her 174k yearly salary. Anyway YANG 2020

  13. So for any democrat that might happen to make it to this comment section.. think about this… the democrats want to distribute wealth so they say…. they say they want the rich to fund things they say they want to raise taxes on the wealthy NOW do you really think they plan to raise their own taxes. Or will they somehow exempt themselves like they did with Obamacare

  14. There all rich? Don't they see the optics(ha ha lol 😆) in evil riches .

  15. What? Wealthy socialists? Who knew?? Frauds galore

  16. Please…give me a break. 1) Fox BUSINESS News? Give me a break, 2) So, some of these people have written books & charge for speaking engagements, invest, etc. NONE of them have said making money/capitalism is worthless/evil – but the unethical people who make money on products that ruin the environment and our health. There are the same percentages of billionaires in socialist democracies as there are here – they just aren't allowed to get away without paying taxes. When will you sleaze bags ever present any truths? And with Trump as your cult leader, no one is making money more dishonestly than a sitting president out selling his properties and using tax dollars to campaign and golf…so, in summary GFY.

  17. Term limits are needed simple as that.

  18. I’m not a dem. socialist but it’s not hypocritical to be both wealthy and a dem. socialist. Calling for higher taxes doesn’t mean there should be no millionaires

  19. Bernie and Warren, the multi-millionaires who villify every rich person but themselves, and apparently charge a hefty fee for doing so LOL

  20. When we gonna see Trump's returns?

  21. Dad said to get into the oilfield cause that's where the money is. Boy was he wrong. About to make a phone call.

  22. Trump's worth more than all of them put together, nuff said

  23. The Dems are releasing their tax returns. Trump is suing to keep us from seeing his

  24. They are just making that last push to get as much CASH together before their early retirement or prison sentence!

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