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Former California Republican Party chairman slams proposed wealth tax

Former California Republican Party chairman Tom Del Beccaro talks to FOX Business’ David Asman about large cities in California, the proposed wealth tax in California and people moving to other areas. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Sound OK, since it only affects rich people, not me. Then again, remember the AMT – implemented in 1969 for the 155 rich families that paid little or no income taxes. Now it affects 30 million people, including me!

  2. California DEMOCRATS need to GO

  3. This is what Democrats will do to America if elected!

  4. Democrats states struggling soon they going to bankrupt thats only good lesson for democrats i think USA GOVERNMENT and congress make 1 new bill 1 Tax 1 Nation

  5. CommieFornia is only what the stupid citizens Voted for & Now they've got it!🖕
    And CommieFornia wants ME & YOU to
    PAY for Their asinine choices!😡
    No How, No Way!

  6. So many Californians not happy with their state. Then you make the changes. You get rid of those trash politicians whether they are democrat or republican. You fight for fiscal responsibility. You fight for social justices such as helping legal citizens. Get rid of the illegals and the sanctuary cities. You start balancing the budgets. You take back your cities and make them financially responsible.
    Yet, all I hear is how you all want to leave. Then there must be more than you who like California the way it is. What that is I don't really know.
    I was in California as a kid. We travelled the state. I don't think I would visit there now for fear of being taxed for ten years just for visiting. Is that going to be next? All tourists and visitors have to pay us a tax for the next ten years just because you were here for a week? Get real.

  7. There are so many millionaires and billionaires in California. This wealth tax should take care of most of them leaving. So, California also proposes a ten year tax on anyone leaving California? WTF.
    If I left California I would never go back nor would I pay their 10 year penalty tax for leaving.

  8. California is crazy. If you move from our state we are still going to tax you for 10 years. I would love to see this hit the Supreme Court.

  9. Send all those homeless people to Pelosi Vineyard that be a really good place for him fertilizing the land for her as if everything she says isn't full of what she needs to fertilize the land with

  10. Yea, lawmakers in California want to tax businesses EVEN AFTER THEY'VE MOVED OUT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA !!!
    So, a business in California says 'i've had it here, i'm moving to Texas or Utah, or any other state. That company will STILL be forced to pay taxes for the next 10 years to California, even though they've moved from the state ! To me, thats a red flag for ANY company to NOT move there, and to those who do leave, they better get out before it is a law, if it isn't already. That is what liberals will do, bleed people and companies dry, any way they can…

  11. I’m going from dem to republican, can someone explain to me why blue states die out while red states thrive, (Native Okie by the way)

  12. Reason why I have decided Trump is not good enough to be a President. He shut down the world for corona virus. We know this is suspicious.. fauci who has a dark past is calling the shots for our freedom… big pharma is slowing trying to make Corona virus a mandatory allow the police to come into your home etc.. We need to get back to the Constitution. I see Tom Hoefling as the best choice. 2020.

  13. Increased in Homicides and homeless population? Wow! What a victory of California government! I don't know what type of lives those California voters want to live. I am so sick of it!

  14. I live and work here. This is not an exaggerated report.

  15. Wealthy people shouldn’t have to pay taxes. That’s for the working man

  16. Poor thing holds funds that don't represent all…taxes do not..yet it's pay to bearer in full upon demand.. The Mint.. Let's put it back to those working so hard

  17. if cali goes red then maybe i wont have to move! Also does that mean my vote will count? im 18 rn

  18. Democrats have dug their own grave.

  19. I live in CA and the homeless problem is not limited to those cities. It's fn ridiculous in my small town. Voting for Red!

  20. Ban California residents from moving to your state hurry. They will spread their sickness like the plague.

  21. I'm Mad a Hell ! and I'm not taking the Radical Dems BS Anymore !! Now not all Dems are Radical !! that's True ! And I hope they are Mad as Hell !! also and will go Red also . You ae welcome here !! God Bless

  22. Close the California border, please hurry, dont let them out. Ahhh, for the love of God, build a wall or something??

  23. Coming soon to a town or city near you! Courtesy of Biden’s Policies!

  24. Everyone will have money when there's a wealth tax- like their used to be. They want you to vote against yourself again, to keep your money. My mother was a Goldwater Republican. These are fake Republicans. They'll never give you a break. Have they ever?

  25. Red Hot Chili Peppers said it best when they sang, Californification. It is now like a smelly, low budget, drug-filled, porn flick. Get out while the getting is good, or vote red and save this great state. Your choice, your life, your family, and your well-being depends on it.

  26. OMG He wants to be president in 2024? HAHAHAHAHAHA good luck idiot

  27. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

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