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Former Clinton adviser on Americans’ view of Biden vs. Trump

Former senior adviser to Clintons, MDC Partners CEO and Stagwell Group President and managing partner Mark Penn argues Americans’ view of President Biden changed significantly following the Afghanistan withdrawal. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Of course numbers are plummeting he’s a dumb president and doesn’t have any Idea what’s going on Biden is in LALA LAND

  2. Rigged elections won't change the status quo. Voting registration takes place at all voting stations in S.A this week end. You must produce your I.D which also has your photo and thumbprint on. You can only cast your vote at the voting station where you have registered while your I.D is produced again. Period. Simple system.

  3. They don't plan on loosing! They will have elections rigged from now on. If they weren't rigged before, they are now.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Forever pandemic.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Nobody can believe the polls. They are too high for Biden.

  5. If our allies don't intervene to protect us from any Socialists/Communist regime taking over in D.C. their Countries will be in serious jeopardy !

  6. I’d like to know what kind of idiotic person would approve of Biden’s performance??? I honestly don’t believe he could have a 20% approval rating!

  7. it is FAKE POLL 48%? MAYBE 40%

  8. No wonder the country is going to hell! 48% of the country are absolute idiots.

  9. How is it even that high?! It should be below zero.

  10. Mike Pompao is horrible Sec of State & part of the Deep State. He openly has scorn & hatred towards hero, Julian Assange. I can't see how anyone could ever respect or trust him as clearly he's a Deep State operative & corrupt to the core.

  11. It wasn't mentioned, but perhaps alluded to on the title, that this polling firm skews toward the left a good deal of the time by oversampling Dems, etc. If THEIR polls are showing these numbers, imagine what the real numbers are!!

  12. I don't believe any of these polls….. he can't have anything for appealing to his JOB….HE A DISGUSTING DISASTER!!!!!!

  13. Funny how the title says former Clinton advisor, but fails to mention the fallout he had with the Clinton campaign and after not being bad invited back in 2016, he then became an advisor for the Trump 2016 campaign, and was an advisor in the trump 2020 campaign.. so I’m sure this is a legit Poll coming from his firm.

  14. Only 1%???? If you think Biden was a good choice I'm confused. He is selling Americans down the river. He doesn't give a crap if you're red or blue. All that matters to Burden and his puppeteers is power and money.

  15. If these ppl did not watch fake news he would have zero approval !!!

  16. Yeah that’s pretty much how the legit votes tallied on Nov 3.

  17. American citizens 1st/American citizens last. Left project their crimes. We need to revolt against corrupt tyranny.

  18. Bush : killed saddam Hussein
    Obama: killed osama bin laden
    Trump: killed quassem solleimani
    Biden: killed innocent Afghanistan civilians .


  20. God is great beer is good and people are crazy!!

  21. That "Poll" shows 48% of American's are brainwashed.

  22. A former Clinton advisor? Get flippin real!

  23. Who in the world is the 48% that think he’s doing a good job? I want to know specifics … what things are he doing well. List 5 please … can’t wait to see what is written!

  24. Im surprise biden still has 48 % approval when he does nothing productive but disaster.

  25. Approval for biden zero him belong to nursing home to old for president

  26. Who in the world would even think Biden is mentally fit? He is destroying the country and the terrorists are on the rise.

  27. yes biden to old for president him belong to nursing home


  29. 40% support Biden, they are stupid

  30. Those numbers changing are promising but scary too coz half of America is actually ANTI AMERICAN… Think people!!!

  31. Great, throw me another chicken bone!

  32. Mike Pompei is 100% better as Secretary of State that is without saying.

  33. Biden should get 0% approval. Those who gave approval ratings are stupid, ignorant and anti American.

  34. Fox news is a little wrong because supported Trump for 4years

  35. The other 49% that approve Biden are all imbeciles after all that happens and they still approve,lol.

  36. Anyone that still supports Biden is either misinformed or just plain stupid. No one with any common sense can say they approve of Bidens Afganistan withdrawal.

  37. his approval should be zero. he is anti american puppet for the communist globalists.

  38. 2022 he will be a lame duck president

  39. Pleeeese. Send him home to his stupid wife. He should have been home the last two yrs at least. I know. My husband had early Alzheimer’s

  40. Sore loser lame-duck traitor Dump ensured the Talibain takeover when prior to leaving office, he made a deal not with the Afghan government, but with the Taliban and ordered the release from Afghan prisons over 5,000 known Taliban terrorists, calling them good fighters and the Taliban peace-loving people

  41. 48% no way thats not believable. 13 yea ok but ???????

  42. polls numbers what a crock of shite bidens poll numbers at less than 10%

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