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Former football player urges vaccinations after almost dying of COVID

Justin Moon, a former player for the University of Alabama, spent nearly six weeks on a ventilator while battling coronavirus.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Who else is watching and reading comments at the same time 😊

  2. This guys isn’t an actor. I went to college with him and was 1 year older that Justin. Hung out multiple times bc my boyfriend at the time was friends with him. He’s actually not an actor and almost died.

  3. That's why I would thank it because it's not for everyone

  4. If he had been paying attention, the #DeltaVariant is affecting all age groups, even teens. I read every day obits of young people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, as well as pregnant woman who pass away along with their babies. It's no joke. He is very lucky to survive. 👍

  5. You are in the supply portion more than the demand.

  6. I need some people to work from home
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  7. Where is this and last season's flu shot?

  8. Let's all hope this trend continues…we've now had a 48% drop in COVID cases in the US from Sept 2 to Oct 11th…and a 28% drop in deaths from Sept 17 to Oct 11th…on a 7-day moving average. With almost 70% of adults 18+ now fully vaccinated and at least 25% with natural immunity, these dropping numbers should come as no surprise.

  9. If you go to the hospital for a leg x-ray… You could be diagnosed with covid and put on a ventilator. If you want a true vax story from an athlete, look up Brandon Goodwin… Listen to his testimony. Listen to how they tried to silence him…

  10. Only 36% approve of the president’s handling of COVID 19.  Latest New Cases, 7 day available, per day, CDC. CA 5,905, FL NR, NY 4,923 , NJ 1,663 , CO 2,219, PE  4,678, MI 4,188. There are nine states not reporting this morning. As of this morning the CDC reports 76.6% of the population 12 years and up have received at least one dose.

  11. You can still catch and spread covid being vaccinated!!!! I want to boost my immune system with nature's medicine (vitamins, etc.) not destroy it with dirty vaccines!!!! Already at work the vaxxed are the ones getting sick!!!!!

  12. Ah well…. difficult to convince some people. Get vaccinated! 💉⚕️ Otherwise, the virus will have its way with you 🦠♿⚰️☠️🪦

  13. Intolerance is evidence of impotence

  14. Haven't gotten it I'm 66 and have cancer .just cause he got covid doesn't make the ones that are against it to want son had covid my grandson and my son's ex wife .his other son didn't get it even though he was in the house .my son had it bad but he still says no vaccine

  15. When you look at a map of the world, you are not looking at countries, but farms.

  16. Lol DON'T take the vaccine please people stay away from the poison

  17. All we need is for 1 case showing that someone vaccinated transmitted the coronavirus on to someone else vaccinated. If this happens then the tyrant's in charge, they're whole argument falls apart. I'm hoping that this scenario comes into fruition soon because I don't believe that unvaccinated people are the only ones spreading the virus like the mainstream news is portraying.

  18. Problem is it won't stop the spread and people will think they are immune, this spreading it around even more. This "vaccine" will do more harm than good.

  19. If somebody suddenly gets better, but has sold all of their property and investments and is now broke, that's suspicious

  20. Good that he's better, but it just proves again that even the most stubborn anti-vaxxers get religion after almost dying without it.


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