Saturday , July 24 2021
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Former Google employee accuses tech giant of bias

Former Google engineer Kevin Cernekee explains how Google can potentially manipulate the electoral process and addresses the bias within the tech giant.

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  1. Google is NOT too big to be shut down so shut them off for a month. The only way to hurt them is in the pocket book. And who is this idiot demanding proof? We can all see the proof everyday.

  2. God bless all Google Whistleblowers! They deserve Medals of Honor!

  3. Google typical democrat lying thieves. Why are the democrats always in the middle of major corruption. They are enemies of the people and need to be treated as acts against the country in a military court

  4. Purple tie man. Not just allegations. My comments are constantly censored.

  5. All women who support Teunp are always the fattest most disgusting trailer trash ever!!

  6. ICE is a terrorist group and we need to send them all to Guantanamo!

  7. Criminal Conspiracy and Collusion to change the elections of the USA and abrogate the 1st amendment and in effect all other rights of conservative US Citizens.

  8. I've watched google change for the worse over the last 5 years. They also destroyed the beautiful response system I'm using here and now to type this. There used to be wonderful interaction and exchange here, and they ripped it and shredded it and atomized it and filled it with error and difficulty. A daily user, I saw VAST changes in google search engine in a single day, more than once. If Congress doesn't act against these tyrannies, you can kiss the USA goodbye. So far, Congress gave google the power with the platform law, so just like George Sorros, Google will claim they let them do it.

  9. Sundar Pichai is a pedophile. Round him up and stuff him in a tiny box at Gitmo.

  10. The largest donor to Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016 was Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube. I'm sure they will do anything they can to affect the next election.

  11. it's so fun to watch this video on youtube

  12. Google has may employees who are the very same type EVIL as the Panphleteers of the French Revolution that whipped up the Paris mob ito the Red Terror.

  13. SHUT'EM DOWN!!! Forget raiding area 51, let's raid google!!

  14. I can’t wait for the FBI or Secret Service raids on Google HQ. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Regulation is coming!!!

  15. Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google

  16. Don’t use google. Duck duck go is the one to use.

  17. Omg the Media talks about google like they are a person!.” Google won’t let it happen anymore”. Uh huh. Let’s all
    Pretend that Google is the good guy.

  18. Gaslighting over and over by the Left/ you didn’t see it you didn’t hear it, it didn’t happen.,. Resist at all costs!

  19. This dude looks like he's about to cry. He's got a resting worry face.

  20. LOL,,, Google.. please…. I would say Trump already Won 2020, NO matter what Google Does!! TRUMP 2020!

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