Saturday , May 15 2021
Home / News / Former Klan Member Tries To Back-Pedal After Posting White Supremacist Message | NBC News

Former Klan Member Tries To Back-Pedal After Posting White Supremacist Message | NBC News

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Former Klan Member Tries To Back-Pedal After Posting White Supremacist Message | NBC News


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  1. Once again the uneducated racist believes they know better. . Lol. Lol. .

  2. These people have infiltrated our LAW ENFORCEMENT therefore our law enforcement is FILLED WITH TERRORISTS

  3. The MAGA movement is terrorism.

  4. Common sense would tell us trump and his worshippers ARE THE PROBLEM.

  5. This country will never fill it's credd from the Bill of rights that All <Men> are created equal.
    The was written flawed and therefore will never be activated, EVER!
    U.S. is tha focal point to the Global RACEWAR declared and instituted in perpetuity. Proof is in the History of BEHAVIOR uncontested.

  6. Him their good poeple, good US citizens
    Also him I don't look into people and what they're all about.
    He's a Professional gas lighter

  7. Since 1994? More like 1904

  8. This guy is 100% a racist garbage individual. He knows exactly what 14/88 means. He only wants to put on a suit and tie and play "great american citizen". Wolve in sheeps clothes. This is the kind of thing we can not have in our world. We must take a stand now against this kind of thinking.

  9. And just watch this guy will get elected

  10. W the Americans don't need people like this guy.

  11. The spectacular curler psychologically continue because shoulder ecologically tire atop a new witch. wicked, hard-to-find uncle

  12. Lol…these guy is already lying as politicians

  13. I wish we could deport the KKK ….send them to another country!

  14. This racist lying devil!! Just hate these trump supporters!!!

  15. White supremacists only spend time with themselves (isolationists) so they don’t actually know how dumb they are. It’s sad 😞 because that’s everyone’s problem in getting rid of them.

  16. Yeah, well, I prepaid for his book weeks ago so I can read it whole on release date, 4/13/21. If you don’t know who he is, you’re going to. 😏

  17. Toxic policing. Toxic racist supremacist. They are connected.

  18. The man is a coward and a liar. His power comes from the color of his skin. True power comes from deep within.

  19. how about these Hitler lovers go back to Germany? a$$$hols!

  20. Data doesn’t lie, once you post and delete, things aren’t really deleted lolz just saying, there’s a way to pull broken data too that was lost, even recent Lolz 😂

  21. Wow a racist that is playing dumb. At least have the guts to admit who you are.

  22. I'm impressed with this guy. I didn't spot one spelling mistake on his tattoos.

  23. No one is buying your lie, you racist trash!

  24. Former?!? Since when did they make a rehab for racism?!? Sadly enough, that's in their blood, it doesn't go away. Dudes full of $#!T He shoulda just said "I plead the 5th"

  25. Sure, he has no idea what it means, just like he has no idea he's a racist

  26. All rebels must hang
    The south will NOT rise again
    Death to ALL nazi's

  27. These people are nothing but pure devil worshipers. No matter how you tried to spend it. You can try to dress up a french fryer but it is still just a french fry dressed up.

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