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Former member of 'Incel' community speaks out about dangerous misogyny I Nightline

A new BBC documentary highlights the subculture consisting mostly of men that began as a community for providing comfort and evolved into one that led some individuals to real-life violence.


ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ

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  1. santa barbara is like whore central… no sympathy for the hoebags there

  2. having friends is a weakness and so is chasing after some smelly stretched out wizard sleeve

  3. girls are nasty, have no soul, abuse their freedom, and have cooties. fuck them all (not literally)

  4. Basura marxista cultural este documental.

  5. Okay incels are terrorist but antifa aren’t

  6. And finally hit reality? It’s online but still based in reality.

  7. MGTOW is men guarding
    their own wallet's, Forget
    family life femminism
    has gone to far!

    We are no longer willing to put up
    with family court, endless child
    support and jail time.

    We will never provide for a family
    therefore family court will not be
    needed anymore.

  8. Criminal Minds did an episode about this. Just a thought, why don't these folks just date each other? Because they have completely unrealistic views on life and relationships!

  9. Looking up cat fish man right now hahahaha😆

  10. It pays to be a winner. No body wants a little bitch.

  11. The most famous incel was Mr Spock on "Star Trek"… He only mates once every 7 years and is obviously triggered towards women…as opposed to.Capt Kirk, interplanetary space player!

  12. Hookers & porn, guys; hookers & porn…
    Then when you're a bit older you can walk away from the toxic pussy completely.

  13. I look like a child and my height is 175cm. I'm 17 and never had a girlfriend.
    But even I'm not an Incel.

  14. Funny ABC never talks about that he hated Asian men because he was half white and half Asian. Asians are considered lower than white men so he was angry that some Asian men had a woman. This is why he killed a few Asian men.

  15. The western equivalent of Hikikomori. Have some sympathy.

  16. 3:51 The swatch has been flapped

  17. Katherine Breann Cooper will always be the goddess of Beauty.

    My prayers go out to the family

  18. Dan cooper -crying for Katie Cooper – his "daughter"… LOL I use that loosely… That was Chad's daughter who Dan's wife tricked him into raising and now he's crying she didn't find CHAD… Instead she found ER…


  20. Is this Grace Randolph's voice..?

  21. That catfish dude should of had the girls meet him at a abandont building and robbed them all

  22. Look these Incel guys need something going on with there life and stop chasing women do something cool and do stuff that make you happy and intrested you
    Playing Guitar
    Do Martial Arts
    Do Rock climbing
    Learn how to sing etc etc etc
    Going to cooking school and learning how to cooking is a good idea

  23. If the catfish guy had no problem with doing that stuff to random people then its no wonder why people don't like him.

  24. This is fucking bullshit, these kids are angry because nobody listens to them, this is feminist propaganda against 99.99% of men. Feminist and antifa are the most violent of all.

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