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Former officer convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing | Nightline

Amber Guyger was charged with murder after she says she mistakenly entered neighbor Botham Jean’s apartment and fatally shot him. Her defense said she made “reasonable” mistakes.



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  1. Judge is an absolute disgrace

  2. Justice was NOT served. She won't spend 5 years in prison

  3. She deserves life. Period.

  4. I wonder who killed the eye witness.

  5. How do you miss the bright red floor mat? Did the ex officer and the victim have any interactions before this?

  6. Are people does not stick together. We had black jurys and she only got 5-10 yrs. Everyone has lived in a apartment where you may have a loud neighbor its call "Move" The officer had a breaking point in its sad a life was taken.

  7. You just said when asked did you try CPR you said "i did not "1 min afer you said "i tried a little "which one is it..did you or did you not .

  8. Wow. Even if it was all a mistake and in the heat of the moment she made several poor decisions. Her disregard for his life and welfare after the shooting really tells you something.

  9. Corrupt bs system.
    Crazy drunk or high on drug woman cop kills innocent man and she gets 10 years and probably will serve 1 year.
    The victim's family should appeal these bs decision. She killed a person.

  10. This case has nothing to do with race so why are these idiots making it about that she went to the wrong apartment & mistakenly killed an innocent man what does race have to do with this!!!???

  11. May God bless the family.R.i.p brother, so sad

  12. This fuckin cunt deserve a fickin bullet in her face foh only 10 years? And all this sympathy she's getting t there is waaayyyyy more to this story than meets the eye

  13. You don’t know your own home’s decor? She knew she was in the wrong place.

  14. 💔Police the Police💔
    It’s about time these criminals are held accountable! It’s crazy how many LEOs are such cowards, scared, snowflakes that they think irrationally and do things just like this. Shoot innocent people and then get away with it in most cases! It’s pathetic! I am so sorry this happened to him and I’m sorry for his families loss! I am so happy this POS coward was held accountable.
    I will continue what I do and that’s “Police Accountability”

  15. Shes the worst example of a police officer. Worst example of a human being.

  16. Sounds like a hoax to me, a Freemason luciferian pro pedophilia hit.

  17. I'm gonna lose my job???? Gtfooh devil

  18. Smh Dallas is disgustingly racist about time they prosecute them devil's

  19. These are the same cops who not only give bad publicity for cops but for the family in general.

  20. She went inside someone else's apartment and didn't realize that the furniture and appliances are different?

  21. She didn’t even try to save him.

  22. She wasn’t even on duty this is fucking murder this bitch deserves life she killed a man in his own home. More appropriate to just be a murder??? Bitch. What this is a capital fucking murder. White fucking privilege. Sickening. I pray for this mans family.

  23. I feel bad for her. They are really looking for her and she won't make it out of prison

  24. How in the hell did this dumb shit get on the PD? Of course Dallas isn't known for the brightest.

  25. He was fortunate that BOFF was on the test given to pass the accountant exam. Boff +Boff =. Tree

  26. State prison she’ll ONLY do 5 years possibly less with good behavior 🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. Since when does anyone get 10 years for murder ? I hope she catches an ass whipping daily in jail fucking pig!

  28. I can't watch or hear her anymore! I hope she never leaves this Prison alive. This is justice for me.

  29. I would've like to see a white judge give that verdict to the white ex police officer on the attack of the innocent black man just so there'd be no excuses for any sides

  30. The Trial was a FIASCO!!! Now America, live with the consequences.

  31. A criminal sitting down watching tv and sitting in your couch eating an ice cream? And justice is served for all black people wrongly shot with a 10 year sentenced and can be out in 5 for good behavior? All she can think of is losing her job. She was confident she would never be sentenced, she was sure she walk free and at worst lose her job. The law of the land, ladies and gentlemen.

  32. Amber Guyger; Knock knock..

    Botham Jean; Who`s there?

    Amber Guyger; The grim reaper..


  34. Hola a todos me encantaría entenderlo todo solo se español me encantaría escuchar el evento en español alguien podría compartirlo en español gracias de todas maneras bendiciones para todos

  35. She a fraud and got off easy… That fake ass cry tell it all

  36. 95% of black homicides are done by other black men. Sad but a greater problem.

  37. About time the pigs got there dues

  38. This drunken WHORE walked into an innocent mans apartment and killed him but only got 10 years?

  39. I whipped up a mob yesterday about this and they got enraged to kill some whites working here after hearing that this guyger Germanic nazi won't be executed! Only yesterday democracy loving anti racists here punched and kicked the breasts of a white woman and gorged her husband's eyes out after I told the crowd about this nazi whore, a group saved the dam Nazis or else you'll hear about charred bodies of white expats

  40. This verdict is fo them? So she's going to prison for Michael Brown? What a fucking retarded thing to say.

  41. I vaguely heard about this story and thought she had accidentally went into the wrong apartment looking for a criminal whilst on duty I didn’t know she thought she was in her own house wtf

  42. Why did she snitch on herself ? was she drunk/on drugs?

  43. "Father forgive them, (the judge and jury) for they knew not what they did". This murderer should had gotten the electric chair. Things would had been different if it was a black, male cop murdering a pretty, white, female civilian.. Her department let her go, for liability. Our justice system is still racist and broken. Cops get away with murder..

  44. 10years while blacks get 40years for petty things. Who is rejoicing?

  45. Is very little 10 years, U.S.A is very RAZZIST

  46. why not stop trying to make it about being black and just about cowards and sick in head people wandering around with firearms — as a cop if your trigger happy because you are scared then get a different job if your trigger happy because your on a power trip or a bit bent then you need to be removed from the position by the police force – no where does the color of your skin matter – culture is a pantomime for others to hold power over the masses

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