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Former officer Kim Potter charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter

The family of Daunte Wright is demanding accountability as former officer Kim Potter appeared in court for the first time.

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  1. 10 years for murder… if she was black how long would her sentencing be hmmm…🤔

  2. Ok so laws are only meant for white privileged people

  3. Comply COMPLY comply COMPLY

  4. Let’s acknowledge & respect the 26 years she did put in. There’s a difference between regular thugs and Brooklyn Center thugs. There are a lot of extremely mentally ill people in that city. Punishment is fair, but let’s not mock her and show some respect.

  5. Would not surprise me if suddenly All cops suddenly quit in one day. Nationwide. Think of all of those haters calling for help from thousands of Dante's terrorizing them. You're welcome.

  6. She was having a lesbian moment

  7. Yes she should be held accountable but this situation would not have occured had he complied- a common theme. 🙄

  8. He got what he deserved. Daunte Wright deserves what he got. He didn't bother to pay for the renewal registration of his mother's car. He was driving with expired plates.  He had a warrant against him. Cops tried to arrest him. He fought with the officers and he even tried to get into the driver side of that car.  And he was accidentally shot. The officer did make a mistake but Daunte Write could have prevented all this and he didn't. He deserves what he got.

  9. What are the actual numbers for the number of unarmed non resisting Blacks who are being killed by police across the U.S?

  10. She will never be a cop again

  11. Here’s a difference: Trayvon Martin was shot and killed for no reason. Just walking home from the store after purchasing Arizona tea and Skittles but because he was black that police officer George Zimmerman thought he was a criminal which he wasn’t. Racial profiling at its finest.

    Here you have Daunte Wright robbed someone at gun point. Was stopped by police and had a warrant for his arrest. Dude resisted got into a scuffle with police and that police officer who meant to pull out her taser pulled out her gun instead shot Daunte Wright, Daunte Wright then drove off before crashing and dying at the scene.

    I do not know what to say of this…Daunte was a criminal that officer has been on the force for 20+ years and couldn’t tell the difference between a gun and a taser. Both were in the wrong and this is indeed a sad situation. If you are going to join the police force something you signed up for then why are you scared you know being a police officer is a dangerous job yet you signed up for it…doesn’t make sense yalls slogan is server and protect do that. If you that scared find another job.

  12. How you kill sumone then get a bond oh wait white privileges

  13. Why dont someone in b!ack neighborhoods explain the law , that to resist , has consequences

  14. Of course shes white. meanwhile a white 2 time tour of duty female veteran was murdered by Capital police for protesting the trampling of the constitution she served under and no one was charged .

  15. Trust me we are losing our police because it's not safe to be a police officer any more. Every time I've been beat up by a police officer I wasn't selling Girl Scout cookies I was breaking the law. This police officer was doing her job to the best of her ability and that is what you and me want. She made a big mistake and so will others in the future and we have to expect that.

    If any of my kids came up missing the only people I would call would be the police who would respond as fast as they could. Or if I had an intruder in my house holding my family and me hostage the only people I would call would be the police who would respond as fast as they could. And if they shot and killed a member of my family by mistake I would be heart broken but would forgive them and kind of expect it.

    Some times police officers are going to get burned out and we need to expect it and catch it before any harm is done. Maybe have some place for them to go in the police department like maybe a desk job so they are away from the public so no harm is done. That's payment we should afford them for the job that they have done on our behalf. .

  16. I guess there will be no more white women on the BLM line 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Anybody know the name of the officer who murdered the unarmed Ashli Babbitt as she climbed through a window at the Capitol in January. Of course you don't.

  18. Why are these kids carrying toy guns, tasers and running away from cops??? I don’t believe in cop killing kids but c’mon!!! Isn’t it time to take some ownership and stop doing dumb s*** like this? You’re just asking for it. Don’t judge cops unless you walked in their shoes putting their lives out there protecting you and me. Kids, stop being stupid! Period.

  19. i think this cop was too scare of what this young man could do , so she deliberately use her gun ( on stress ( to make sure nothing happen to her ( holding pointing it for several secondes , then .. ))) , just an opinion . thats 10 years for being selfish

  20. Let Her Go it was a damn mistake

  21. Accidents happen. The fact of the matter is we need to raise our kids right and teach them how to handle law enforcement encounters, which means complying and not running, arguing or acting out. If you make the cops job easier, everything goes smoothly, 100% of the time. All the mainstream and woke mob care about is running these stories and ignoring real solutions. If we can teach race theory in the military and gender studies at universities, why can't we teach a class on how to deal with law enforcement?

  22. This nasty lying so called mother failed her child!!

  23. How can she be charged so quickly?

  24. How about some accountability for their son's actions…just saying…stay blessed

  25. I hoped to God this officer will be deemed as innocent. The suspect Daunte Wright had AN OUTSTNANDING WARRANT for possession of an UNLICENCED FIRE ARM (indicating the nature and circumstance of this case is "entirely different" from that of George Floyd's). The circumstancees for the two cases are wholly different!!

  26. "Armed robbery perpetrator, shot and killed trying to resist arrest" That's all I heard. Is there really anymore to this story?

  27. Yeah the media won't tell you that he had a weapons charge he didn't show up at court also that he tried to rob a woman $800hundred dollars at gunpoint oh he was a choir boy and now that woman who happens to be white they're going to throw the book at her she made a mistake we all make mistakes if that young man hadn't tried to get away he probably would have been alive today the media won't tell you that it's a shame and because she's white they're going to throw the book at her if you don't comply you going to die

  28. Would like an honest comparision of gun vrs tazar.

  29. I saw the video . He tried to drive off . Why would u do that ? Not all black teen/man is innocent and not all white cop is racist . This incident and George Floyd r not the same .

  30. Love how you clowns always try to make it seem like these people were nice innocent people the guy tried to escape from arrest, he was wanted for previously robbing a woman at gun point! you idiots do your damn jobs. Also have you lot said sorry for doctoring video?

  31. Kind of a joke. Charge should be lower, especially BECAUSE of the fault that he kid had in the incident. Should’ve showed up to court, shouldn’t, have resisted and struggled then dive into his car. Practically asking for it, even if it wasn’t the cops intention.

  32. I think she made a mistake! But, there’s a problem with police fearing black men more then they fear white men.

  33. Why not the video with the gun? Little thug🤔

  34. How can you incarcerate a police officer for making a mistake, when we know their job entails strenuous and stressful situations that can lead to mistakes.

  35. Now why did she confuse btwn a taser and a gun😭 satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, stop confusing humanity…May Wright rest in peace 🕊️, and God please protect this cop too😭

  36. 10 years is nothing to sombody who kill she must be life in jail

  37. I bet this cop is wishing she never initiated THIS particular traffic stop.

  38. Forget about the damn taser and gun thing.. deadly force was called for when someone has a 2000 lb weapon

  39. Just 10 years ? Its unbelievable.

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