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Former officer to serve no jail time in accidental shooting death

The family of Mary Knowlton, the retired librarian killed while participating in a police exercise in 2016, said they feel let down.



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  1. All I can say is…😱

  2. He didn't do it on purpose. Lighten up folks.

  3. 2016???? Why the fuck am I only hearing this now

  4. The best accidental shooting on YouTube was of the cop who'd shot himself in the leg while in a classroom. He the, with the bullet still in his leg, asked for another gun! All of the kids started crying out.
    Second all time best, stupid guy shot a metal plate, bullet ricochet and hit him in the thigh… he whispers "I just fu#$@ shot myself"

  5. Double standard much. If my gun goes off accidentally I get charge and get thrown into prison. Cop kills someone on accident and get to walk. Wtf.
    # this is America

  6. And then the police wonder why people look for vengeance and walk up on them and shoot them in the head. Its amazing why they complain about it. I mean I've got nothing against good police officers. I don't want to see any body die. But what the hell is going on here. And I don't think the court system is very fair either.

  7. How do you not know you have live rounds in your weapon. You mean to tell me you didn't check your gun. Not much of a police officer. That is the first thing i do. Some one hand me a gun and that is the first thing I do is not touch the trigger and open the action to be sure it not loaded. That is one thing you can't fix is stupid. Probation and no jail time. What the hell. And I'll bet he will be on patrol right after probation. Out there with a gun and a badge. I'm get tired of the police killing people and getting special treatment. Giger said she was going in to that apartment to kill that man and she was in the wrong apartment ten years have the courts lost their minds. The nonock warrant that was done in Texas where those two people were killed. this officer . If that would have been me or someone else and we didn't have a badge and a gun. We be going up for life. I see how it works. That lady that was killed in her house watch her nephew. There no such thing as justice in this country. Its called special treatment if you are part of the police or the courts. You can get away with anything. Or get a very lenient charge. Probation are you kidding me.

  8. This man should never have been hired by the Punta Gorda police if they had looked at his past history. The entire police department is at fault for how this all went down. Mary's family should feel wronged by the system.

  9. Accidental shooting , poor preparation for this demonstration the office is truly sorry , condolences to the family of that lady

  10. If the cop were black he’d be getting life in prison and death threats

  11. I guess now that cops are killing white people, we finally think 🤔 something is up, this has been happening now for how long? Something is seriously wrong with people policing us

  12. That's B.S.!! Negligence.. manslaughter.

  13. WTH it took four shots to realize it weren't blanks, so I guess the officer did not think the ladies acting seemed real until the fourth shot. – No Justice

  14. Imagine? If the victim is black? People will go nuts and protest. 😆

  15. How the f*** do you mistake real bullets with blanks that just seems really fishy to me

  16. At least the victim wasn't black. Hahaha. Tears.

  17. This is extremely sad. For once, I feel bad for the officer. He didn’t even mean to cause any harm, since he was under the impression that his gun had blanks… he’s probably going to have many sleepless nights thinking about this. Everything about this is sad, and it’s totally fucked up that the police department didn’t even say sorry!

  18. It's True, Americans are not very careful with guns

  19. Wtf smh omg wow racists pricks

  20. "it doesn't seem like we got justice". It seems like that because you and your family did NOT get justice. This is BULLSHIT. Fucking probation!

  21. 6 white men Jefferson county Alabama police tried to kill me and latched while they laughed and took pics with their cell phone, they lied on the police report, and the judge sent me home because she didn't like my shoes, and then treated me and my lawyer like i slept with him or something. The whole thing was crazy. No one will help me expose them or sue them. I was also refused medical help from a hospital and was told they don't do that no more. I haven't found anyone that will help me sue them

  22. Fact or Fiction how do we know!

  23. Why would you even ever point a gun at someone even if it is unloaded

  24. Welcome to being black. Prayers go out to this women. RiP

  25. Don't point a gun at something you don't intend to shoot.


  27. How the fuck do you being a professionally trained police officer, not know you are carrying a gun the has live ammunition in it.

  28. To the family: if you want real justice, kill that cop.

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