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Former Playmates describe their time at the Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, not only hosted celebrity-filled parties but was also a home for models in the Playboy community.


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  1. I'm surprised they put a show about heterosexuality on television. 🙂

  2. Talk about how degrading this is for a women I don’t get why they glamourising this disgusting!
    Men pay to fuck you!

  3. These women were beautiful once, now they look like wrinkly old hags. Say hello to your future gals. Unless
    you spend thousands of dollars to get "some work done" Even then, you will be a fake person, not much
    different than you are now. I NEVER see a woman when I am out and about who has not put her "face on"
    like a security blanket………

  4. I hope that this "triggers" all of you feminists out there. You look for things in our culture that make you angry
    and piss you off…..So here you go…….

  5. Really ladies? It’s 2019 none of us are naive 😂 you really think we believe that none of you were involved?…I mean women are only really starting to get equal treatment now…and it’s still pretty patriarchal…back then I’m sure if men had enough resources or money they could do whatever they wanted even dare I say abuse you…but then what do I know it’s just an opinion I’m sure I’m wrong…God I hope I’m wrong…

  6. How have they not made a Hollywood film on Hugh Hefner or playboy yet?

  7. I'm a little disappointed that nothing scandalous happened.

  8. Omg it sounds so wholesome and uplifting. I thought it was a cum soaked cocaine palace full of whores. Boy was I wrong.

  9. I guess being a pretty object has its perks. It probably had its fun moments I guess.

  10. Rosanne Katon is still beautiful 😍

  11. Man, the seventies look like a care free and fun time to be alive…

  12. Funny how none of them remember being wild themselves but they heard of wild stuff. SMH

  13. This is sad that Playboy is being glorified by ABC!!

  14. I think the playboy mansion was probably cool in the 70’s but by the 00’s it was outdated and just creepy.

  15. They still have playboy club and members have to pay $100000 a year!

  16. Just an innocent girl newly hired as a Playboy bunny entering the den of debauchery known as heff's Mansion what do you think goes on in there are you dumb b**

  17. She said there was women so beautiful you would faint. Ummmm not in one picture nor video showing the girls did they show one pretty woman!!! They were all hideous. 😂😂😂😂.

  18. The Playboy Playmate of the month was an integral part of my youth ! They were spectacular !

  19. Sex and drugs in the 80s .

  20. Why is this news? Why they recommend me this?

  21. Just a bunch of prostitutes most of them why women want to degrade themselves this way is Sara hefner was a dirty old pervert

  22. I tried to get in playboy mansion, just like the bank they denied me.

    Now that's the Justin Bieber house. They didn't let me in either.

    Best I just get my own Mansion i guess.

    I bet No one will show up.

  23. No no no!!!! This is not okay!!!!! This is anti woman anti LGBT and pro-patriarchy!!!! Everyone must boycott ABC now. This is not okay !!!!!!!

  24. Jesus, probably don't show Cosby surrounded by girls 😂

  25. I don’t blame these women but I hate that in 2019 we are glorifying a sexist man who objectified women and continued a culture of exploitation over decades.


  27. Why did u sneak that pic of Cosby in lmao

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