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Former Texas cop charged with murder for death of black woman

Aaron Dean, who resigned Monday after fatally shooting Atatiana Jefferson in her home, has been booked in jail for murder, according to the Fort Worth Police Department.



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  1. Full video it’s going to be even more disgusting, they have a very heard time to protect him. No way around it. If he gets life it’s a win for peace but if he gets off. The world is gunna turn upside down. Don’t think it’s worth a privileged risk. Take the L

  2. Neighbour should have mind their own business. Some people.

  3. No one gives a shit when a non black person dies by a cop though!

  4. Ha ha scared ass white folks innocent black people who doing nothing oh when will that final judgment will come we are up under a people who law has no justification for us. This just put a stamp on who Gods chosen people really is

  5. The penalty for this type of crime should be death. Guarantees he'll never do it again.

  6. People should be mad at the other black person for calling the police lol

  7. These cops are straight idiots they need better training and qualifications before these idiots have guns

  8. I thought it was my apartment yea right you must of been high or drink or don't like the guy

  9. Oh quit with the bs! Your UNION allows your officers to resign for their benefit! These unions need to go away!

  10. um park in front of house. go to front door and holler you are the police. dont go sneaking acting like you gonna break in.

  11. they let him quit so he can keep retirement and pension

  12. Wow all these taxes cops shooting innocent people and killing them second one first was Amber guyger now is this dude when it says going to stop

  13. Looks like the poster for douche bag cop.

  14. so what is the issue here?  Loser cop.

  15. The neighbor should be charged too for being nosey.

  16. Appalling, killing bks like fly, without cause. Police are getting a bad rap because of a some who only went into law to have a legal license to kill. Living in dangerous times. Being a person of color, Black, Jews, Spanish origin, none Caucasian is like being an open house to kill. People of all races, national origin, sexual gender, are people too. Why are some caucasian to intimidate by people other than white?

  17. wow wow wow he needs life. most cops are fed up and skitzy.

  18. So ridiculous. She was such an amazing young woman. She graduated from my alma mater Xavier University of Louisiana and was on the honor roll and a biology tutor. She was getting ready to go to medical school. Yall folk gone learn.

  19. Forgiven regardless I pray you've asked for forgiveness
    Peace for all …💔❣🙇🏽‍♀️📿

  20. Most black males grow up with rage and violence and serving time in prison.
    This boy only needed a reason. He got one now.

  21. Blacks become dehumanized the more we get to know them personally.
    I began as a volunteer to help black youths. Now I barely see them as human.

  22. Anyhow the cops should not avail every opportunity to kill someone.

  23. Cops are only there to do one thing. Feed the government and system your money and corpse. If you are worried about a neighbor or friend or family Never call the cops. Help and check on them your self. Cops will only try and convict arrest and fine and kill people. If you need help ask a friend or family member. If its serious. A doctor, hospital or the fire department. They do not carry gun. They do not kill. they are there to truthfully help people. Cops are not there to help. The sooner you learn that the safer you and your family will be

  24. I have worked in black neighborhoods.
    The human mind can only take so much of black behavior before going mad.
    A mandatory reassignment out of black neighborhoods should be a policy after 3 years.

  25. Its murder regardless Of your job. Just cuz im a mechanic dosent mean i can go around and kill people. A job dose not give the right to needlessly kill for any reason or not. I hope they give him murder in the 1st and he has to live out the rest of his life in General population and be beat to deth. Then maybe other cops will think about being so trigger happy

  26. They should give him the lethal injection

  27. I'm starting to wonder how many police officers want to experience the thrill of killing someone..

  28. Texas is one of the most vigilante and prejudiced states in the union. Justice will be served.

  29. Watch him be found not guilty. He will use the Chewbacca defense

  30. Why did Rangers refuse to help? I wouldnt help either the way they were treated .

  31. You shouldn’t be a cop if you are a scared little bitch he got scared that’s why he shot her. Stop letting idiots become cops

  32. Enough of that we shall overcome shit it's time to protect our women and children from the oppressor take our lives serious kings and queens

  33. If i look thru peep hole, i will not answer if it's police. They may shoot before i get the door all the way open to say hello.

  34. Sly devil quit HIS job to get leniency!!!

  35. These cops need the death penalty. At least we will enjoy daily ass fuckings in prison

  36. Ya that’s just fucking awful. So unprofessional and makes me sick. Probably can’t watch scary movies without shooting up the tv screen

  37. Always at fault is the neighbor who called this in. He should have just checked on her. Trigger-happy Texas police.

  38. So sad she lost her life because of a trigger happy moron

  39. Fuck that neighbour too. Bastard was so concerned but couldn’t knock on his own neighbours door. Fucking pussy

  40. Open borders for Israel never forget the USS Liberty

  41. Check out Zachary Hubbard YouTube Channel

  42. Fake not believe the Tell Lie Vision

  43. Learn Gematria the Language of coding numbers into words and see through the Lies and Propaganda

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