Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Former Trump campaign aide: The Deep State is real

Citizens United President and former Trump campaign aide David Bossie says political prosecutors in the Department of Justice and FBI were interested in targeting President Trump ever since he took office.

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  1. International Deep State.
    Milankovitch cycles cause climate change global warming global tsunamis.
    Covid is baby boomer bust due to seasonal flu and old age

  2. International Deep State.
    Milankovitch cycles cause climate change global warming global tsunamis.
    Covid is baby boomer bust due to seasonal flu and old age

  3. Go TRUMP, drain the swamp!! WWG1WGA TRUMP 2020

  4. The deep state call their selves the elks. They have clubs and lodges. Search your neighborhood they all around you hiding

  5. CNN dose lie, no doubt..
    It's proven.. but some things he has said is questionable…
    Even unedited things..but still I hope he wins.. just because

  6. "Deep State Conspiracy" is what the Trump Propaganda Network claims every time Trump gets busted for trying to do something illegal. Talk about a hoax.

  7. God bless our president .people pray for him.He is here to save us from this deep state evils. Wake up people we need to keep our vibrations high ,pray for our president.

  8. deep state motto "one hand washes the other"

  9. Now Ik why life hasn’t been the same since 2016… The deep state is in panic mode


  11. Dont you mean the OBama Shadow Govt. Is Real? OBama is still running his Democrat Cronies. And all the OBama holdovers are doing his bidding. OBama NEVER LEFT! And OBama is A Hillary and Soros NWO PUPPET.

  12. The DEEP STATE doesn't exist since November 1963…

  13. Clinton as soon as elected fired everyone. "Let's get their people out and our people in." Trump gave people a chance and lived to regret it.

  14. Outraged in a past state of levels of past truths

  15. Trump is part of it he is here to prime us on fake news n the deep state so when it comes out that they're real n won the fight people don't go into shock

  16. Marina Abramovic is worth doing a piece on. She is pure EVIL. And now Microsoft is sponcering her. Please be our light.
    Our children need your help. Please.


  18. He should have fired everyone of Obama’s people!

  19. Look at the thumbs up vs. Thumbs down hahaha truth is finally coming out!!!! Wwg1wga

  20. Deep State and drug cartel killed Fernanda Young and said it was suicide. Nobody survives this kind of investigation.

  21. Fire all those turds from the deep state.

  22. " the deep state is real"
    "Santa Claus is real"
    Yeah and the GOP is honorable 😄

  23. Americans all ready know about the lies and corruption from the democrats s nd the deep state that's why we voted for Trump because he knows it to and speaks for all Americans Trump Pence 2020


    SUE the FAKE NEWS! It's time to hold them accountable!!

  25. Biil Barr isnt gonna do anything

  26. Love trump but he looks like Duke Nukem lol

  27. Much respect to both of these gentlemen. Mr Dobbs, your words (ending at 3.18 min) are excellent – it would torture any Dem. or Deep Stater to hear them.

  28. This president is AMAZING. One of the greatest leaders the world has ever had. As David Bossie says, the Dems hate his achievements.

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