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Former U.S. Ambassador Explains How Biden Can Repair European Relations

President Biden is traveling to the U.K. for high stakes meetings with European allies before summits with NATO leaders and Russian President Putin. Former U.S. Ambassador and NBC News diplomacy contributor, Chris Hill, joins News NOW to discuss what President Biden aims to achieve on his first overseas trip in office. 

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  1. For the time being, in the eye of the Western European democracies, the USA is still being considered an unstable partner. A four year-long bout of recognisable fascism isn’t easily forgotten. Especially when said bout is far from over in the USA. Biden better be careful reclaiming any “leadership role on the world stage”. Too much has happened. Too much has changed.

  2. Pretending Trump harmed Euro relations??? Canard news network. Hey canard news, when do we get the segment on the Biden glory hole that was set up for your "reporters"

  3. Te answer to the title is simple. He could resign.

  4. it feels good to have a professional in charge.

  5. Whenever I decide to panic or call the President a liar. Just send a single to upset my stomach or make my heart stop

  6. Thank you Mr President for the Synthetic Nanotechnology Implanted in my Neurological system.

  7. Week long jabber without substance, ending with Putin eating his lunch. The G7 were surprised by Trumps overt demands but realized the merit of is demands. Biden is no ware near the man and will cater to soft talking his way through nothingness with gaining anything for America. Good Luck Joey!


  9. biden can’t even talk correctly.

  10. The usual solution…give them money.

  11. Welcome to GB Joe. Great to see you. 🇬🇧

  12. Biden doesn't have anything to repair. MSM lying to America again.

  13. You should collab wit IndianSunHatkid on instagram NO JOKE 🤣


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  15. Biden should fix Europe by tomorrow. I know Harris already fixed Guatemala the other day.

  16. Macron, Merkel demanding answers over Denmark's alleged complicity in NSA spying/hacking of European leaders.

  17. The US President has NO power FFS:they’re all puppets of the Ruling Class Oligarchs.Trump was, Biden is.🙄All a game

  18. "Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the election results in the courts have been rejected by at least 86 judges, an analysis has found – among them 38 judges appointed by Republicans, and several appointed by Mr Trump himself…"

  19. "Joe Biden has now received more than 81 million votes — the most of any presidential candidate in U.S. history."

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