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Former White Supremacist: ‘People Aren’t Born To Hate,’ It’s Learned | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to former white supremacist and founder of the “Free Radicals Project,” Christian Picciolini, about the road to de-radicalization.
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Former White Supremacist: ‘People Aren’t Born To Hate,’ It’s Learned | NBC News Now


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  1. Rascism comes from the left.

  2. FOX NEWS (and others)SCOOP MSM,! New documentation proof shows Obama-Clinton dirty spys set up America to try to steal 2016 election & set up Trump! 🔥💪⚡️BOOM🔥⚡️

  3. The MSM propaganda is teaching hate

  4. True, as I listen to all these main stream media and the dem/ Communist candidates& Pilosi& the hormone squad, these people are learning and choosing hate. As I see and listen to the propaganda I see the teaching of hate.

  5. White christian devil terrorist BEASTS – pure evil and the enemy – as prophesied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the truth is that comments sections, like this one, on just about every website in existence creates a sense of safety that emboldens one to say just about anything that comes to mind, without any negative consequences. and say it to a vast audience. and in so doing it emboldens and enhances the words of every extremist in the world.

  7. Nazi? He looks more mexican then me lol 😆

  8. These days, I like to see them even try to take over. Hahahaha with so many immigrants these days, it's like, "good luck putos" hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! White people, they are no longer the majority.

  9. White Nationalists are the Enemy of America and all Humanity.

  10. Black on white crime is 10x higher than vice versa. One figure suggests 25000 white supremacists in America. Of the 40 million black people here, do you think more than 25000 of them hate white people? I've known several dozen who do. But facts are racist.

  11. In today's world it seems everyone is called a racist or white supremacist by the left (CNN,MSNBC etc.)This is wrong and the left doesn't know what they are doing when they use this as a political game. It's not a game. We have a real problem with racism and white supremacy and now you are giving power to those extremist! Furthermore, that is a recipe for building and growing hatred and racism. Even if that is what the left was trying to do doesn't mean we need to play along. When there is no balance like in (Hollywood and the media) people with hate will take a gun and get their own "Justice" and that is what is happening right now in America! President Clinton,Bush,Obama and now Trump did nothing about Gun control it s all a political game for both sides it is their platform for many years.

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