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'Fortnite' company facing lawsuit, parents claim game is too addictive

The maker of popular video game Fortnite is facing legal troubles over claims that its game is too addicting. Fox News Headlines 24/7 anchor Brett Larson with more.

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  1. He’s pretty much saying anything that makes you happy is addictive and bad and related to drugs

  2. Also, I will never play Fortnite again. I only played a little bit of it, and it's just boring.

  3. They should just discontinue the service.

  4. just because the game constantly gets new updates and makes people stipl want to play that doesnt mean it is addictive

  5. I genuinely feel these adults are so uneducated that they genuinely think it's a addiction it's called parenting not the games fault and these reporters have half a brain cell and think hiring a coach will make you good lmao im done with the news i just gained stds from them banging me so hard with idiotic questions and responses

  6. The stupidity is never-ending, …

  7. BS parents need to get some balls and tell there kids to get off the game.

  8. 20 minutes a day? LMFAOOO😂😂😂

  9. More like they can’t parent their children 😂 How you going to let your own kid boss you around

  10. It is I think there is mind control involved

  11. So someone else has to control my children (because I can't as a parent) and I must sue those that provide entertainment that little Jimmy is no good at and isn't getting a trophy. How about disconnecting the internet and cable while shopping for some books and hobbies away from the electronic frontier? Hard? Yes! Doable? Yes! My child will hate me? Probably but that will happen sooner or later so who cares!

  12. Why cant the parents just be aggressive, unplug the console, and say "No Fortnite for a week", and proceed to do that every month to lower the addiction?

  13. This is one of the dumbest lawsuits ever, your fingers are not glued to the controller. I hope the defense for Fortnite has a field day with this.😂

  14. I'm addicted to my computer, my internet, youtube and the news… can I sue? 😀
    I just downloaded my first Epic Game a few days ago, first game since 1997 (since Sega Genisis). I like playing, but not addicted.

  15. I'm a videogame nerd but I don't play games like Fortnite so perhaps I don't know what I'm speaking on. But the addicting Flow State people often complain about in videogames is lauded when someone achieves it in academics or in work, so there is a double standard, where a recreational Flow State is seen as dirty as drug addiction but clean when it applies to a real-world learning, skill, or money-making venture. Don't get me wrong. There are people who do get addicted to videogames just as people with that vulnerability get addicted to anything with those properties. But the addiction where a person cannot pull themselves away isn't about the videogame but an underlying psychological or genetic condition. Someone who plays for one to two hours a day though they only intended to play twenty minutes isn't addicted. They still can pull themselves away after that time though it is seen as socially undesirable by non-gamers to play that long. Who hasn't overeaten on the holidays, overslept on days off, or overindulged a little in a non-health-threatening way? There are some Puritanical ideologues who think anyone who plays a videogame is addicted, anybody who has once looked at porn is addicted, and anyone who has occasionally gone over the serving size is addicted. The addict will keep playing when they want to stop, when their joints ache, will blow off important real life commitments, will forget to eat, and will derive more harm than benefit from the behavior. But to play videogames for two hours a night and sometimes more or sometimes less to improve mood, and on some days not play at all, that isn't addiction: that's living life. In our society television, cinema, and streaming media are indulged in the same way yet nobody seems concerned about that. Really I think only a platform that is toxic like prominent parts of Instagram and some parts of YT promoting people to unrealistically compare themselves to others, driving them to depression and shifting opinions through dishonest and subtle professional advertising and media campaigns made to look like it's by a real person and not a paid marketer, should be looked at with such contempt.

  16. This generation of games and consoles are the worst ever.

  17. There's nothing else for them to play. Your entertainment industry, and related communities have been destroyed due to laziness, bad psychology, and enemy influence.

  18. I'm offended by not enough transgender playable characters

  19. Eh, it's dying anyway. If it was that addictive then all the players wouldn't be complaining about the game

  20. When are you Socialist Snowflakes going to take responsibility for your actions. It’s called your to stupid to parent. If you file this kind of lawsuit then your kids should be taken by Child Services because obviously you can’t raise them.

  21. I'm a parent and this is BS. I see many families allowing there kids access to the internet all day long, without restrictions; as young as the 4th grade or younger. If you're son/daughter isn't being productive take away the root cause; the console, smart phone, tablet, internet. Yes! they will throw tantrums, Yes! they will get angry, Yes! they will make it difficult for you, Yes! they will cry. That should have been handled early on as children. I hear this all to often and it's a mistake; I want my child to have everything I didn't have, and you get just that or people giving there kids everything because they are trying to compensate for the time they are not spending with them. Instead of giving them everything you didn't have; here is a much better way. Teach them everything you wished you were taught growing up, ahead of time. Teach them self control, discipline, and the value of earning things, and the effects that over doing something to the extent of extremes; eating, sleeping, working, playing games, internet, will always have consequences. Moderation helps keep things in balance, and knowing where to go above and beyond is the key to success in all areas of life. I just don't like one sided blaming in these situations, parents have a responsibility as well.

  22. This has been on going for year's, everyone make's choices, again, could these companies make a time limit for children? That might be a solutition!!!

  23. Utter nonsense. I played a couple rounds. Didn't like it. Uninstalled it and haven't played it since.

  24. Them season 1 vibes 😂😂

  25. If you can't control what your child is doing at that age then there's a problem with your parenting…not epic lmao looking for easy money

  26. They should face lawsuits for their business practices regarding exclusivity and literally stealing games off other stores, not for being the next thing every toddler plays.

  27. I'm pretty sure that's not grounds that one can sue for. The judges will laugh this right out of court. Here's an idea! LIMIT THE TIME YOUR CHILD CAN PLAY AND ENFORCE IT! BE A F*CKING PARENT! And if they're sneaking around? Punish them more harshly! Take their computer or console away and lock it up for a week or even a month if it's a repeat offense.

  28. the low IQ hurts…it's painful. People have no self-control so it's someone else's fault.

  29. Why are you hating on fortnite and its maker

  30. Every hit immersive game since the 1980s has been accused of "addiction". Remember Everquest was nicknamed EverCrack?

  31. OMG ! Not these BS lawsuits again. SSDD since the 80s.

  32. What an idiotic world!
    What happened with personal responsibility and responsibility for one's children?

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