Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Four Years Later: New Memorial To 19 Firefighters Killed In Yarnell Fire | NBC Nightly News

Four years after the deadliest wildfire in Arizona history, a memorial has been erected to honor and remember the 19 firefighters who were killed.
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Four Years Later: New Memorial To 19 Firefighters Killed In Yarnell Fire | NBC Nightly News


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  1. As a German Biologist I am devastated by that UNNECESSARY! Sacrifice – to accomplish what? Nothing! We ignore totally our Human frailty. Decision Fatigue. After weeks of inhaling toxic fumes, Carbon Monoxide in high doses! Physical exhaustion. PLUS! Hero! We cannot fail! We are simply the best. The mix for Hybris and self extinction. We waste our best men – for NOTHING! Expendables…Nature Always wins.

  2. Wanted to come back to pay my respects. This is as tough as it gets. Very impressive film, thoughtfully done. Very rare to see a story on film with this kind of ending. And hopefully this story in life does not get repeated.

  3. Im here after watching the movie ONLY THE BRAVE 😥😥😥 i didn't believe that tragedy was real. salute to HEROES R.I.P

  4. i saw the movie…im a grown man and i cried

  5. Дело храбрых. Шикарный фильм. До слёз…

  6. We Just See The. ONLY THE BRAVE.


  7. It's brave how they took the fire on.

    If only they were able to escape :((

  8. It is truly amazing that they made a memorial for these brave men who tragically lost their lives but died hero’s

  9. The thin line just got thinner. Rest in Peace.

  10. Some word from deep in my heart. MAY YOU GUYS REST IN PEACE ?

  11. Соболезную родным и близким .
    Мы потеряли хороших людей.

  12. Being a wildland firefighter myself my heart will always be will them as my fellow brothers that never stray away from the battle. Sacrificing so much for our families and community. They will never be forgotten.

  13. After watching the film Only The Brave, it was so heart breaking this heroes should never be forgotten! RIP

  14. I will definitely go there to visit and remember.

  15. Actually, several members were found outside their shelters, clear evidence some did try and run. Who can blame them? At some point survival kicks in and you act to try and save your life…,or at least die trying. Personally, the thought of being par boiled in aluminum wrap is enough to make me try and run out.

  16. I watched this film last night , I have to say I was moved to tears, I was up thinking of all the heros and their families bless those poor souls xx

  17. I saw the movie and the truth that that man are heroes

  18. When everyone else runs from fire fire fighters run towards it going against every natural instinct. Their world balances on fractions of seconds to make snap decisions or they die. These men were part of the bravest for fighting wildfires without the heavy duty gear urban fire fighters have. My heart breaks for their loss and and for their friends and family. I hope the tragic evemt is never forgotton in the wildfire community as it can saves someone elses life.

  19. Can't believe there were 4 thumbs bown …what is the matter with us.

  20. RIP I saw in the Movie only the brave. I respect all of them and made me cried. I 'm very deeply sad for know that.

  21. Respect for soldiers, police officers, medical workers, but for me the greatest heroes are firefighters! I do not know the details of this tragedy, but for every great tragedy of this kind I think that they are responsible, superiors,those who give the orders! As a general in the war responsible for your soldiers, once they had no choice and died bravely in battle but once is fault generals, colonels, senior officers because they sent them poorly planned… send soldiers in an ambush, certain death as firefighters..

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