Fourth discovery of classified items revealed at President Biden’s home

The White House revealed that “six items” with classification markings were discovered after an exhaustive 13-hour search of the president’s Delaware home. Some items date back to his time in the Senate and as vice president. The FBI conducted the search at the invitation of the president’s legal team in coordination with the Justice Department, which is now reviewing the material.

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  1. Don't worry guys it's (D)ifferent this time.

  2. Coca Cola recipe is more secretive than government classified documents. Lol sad but true

  3. CBS has been covering up an lying for this President 😒

  4. It just keeps better and better 🤣 the irony of president Biden 🤣🤣🤣 liberals crying rn AND COPEN HEAVY LOL

  5. Something is definitely UP. This is all planned. They act on this but they ignored the laptop and its contents. Remember, they just needed Joe's corporeal form to run against Trump. No wonder he kept calling Kamala "President Harris" on multiple occasions.

    Also don't forget folks how much more serious Hillary's private basement server, email scandal was and it was swept under the rug, ran for President and almost won. Presidents are mere puppets of the true power behind the curtains.

    This nothing more than political BS theater.

  6. When are the democrats going to call for Biden to resign or get impeached

  7. Were Hillary’s email servers there ?
    Dirty Dems 👎

  8. All Planed, they are going to push him out, he will resign soon

  9. The FBI wasted precious time. The FBI would have found more classified materials had they done a pre-dawn raid unannounced with a search warrant 2-3 weeks ago. Most of the documents have been destroyed by Biden's team.

    Classified materials from his Senate years? He had no authority whatsoever to keep them.
    Joe Biden has been the most prolific spy for foreign adversaries (read: China). He was the sleeper agent deep inside the US government for decades.

  10. Even if you voted Biden you gotta admit this guy sucks as POTUS.

  11. Report about these files spoke of on Hunters laptop…!!!

  12. Come on Joe do the right thing, take the high road like the New Zealand Prime Minister and step down. Give the Indian vice a chance at steering the ship.

  13. First documents discovered November 2nd. Are they sure they waited long enough

  14. No harm done. Biden thought about it and ALL documents that were found were magically declassified, as Trump said.

  15. Biden thought the documents were delivered to the Chinese allready

  16. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Jesus, I Trust in You.
    I pray to the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ; Sacred Heart ❤️ of Jesus Christ; Mother Mary Perpetual Help and Mother Mary Miraculous Medal and Saint Joseph ; Pope Saint John Paul 2 ; Saint Thérèse of Lisieux; Saint Anna; Saint Anthony and Saint Jude; Saint Fulton Sheen; Saint John Newman; Saint Michael the Archangel; Saint Gabriel; Saint Raphael; my Guardian Angel ; Saint Padre Pio; Saint Peter and Saint Paul ; Vietnamese Saint Francisco Trương Bửu Diệp, and Mother Cabrini; and Saint Benedict, Saint Dominic, Saint Bernadette! And Saint Bernard! And Saint Albert; Saint Augustino; Saint Margaret; Saint Faustina; Saint Rita; Saint Thánh Phêrô Nguyễn Văn Lựu.

  17. I'm honestly surprised that NBC is even covering this. Maybe there is hope for journalism.


  19. 'Joke Biden'$' doc case is far worse than the 'Trumpsters' as he was VP with no excuse to have them

    other than Hunter to sell for access favors to China ,Ukraine etc with 10% for daddy 'Joke'…..

  20. Documents he's had since he was a senator 🤔 so a life long spy is the president rn 🤔

  21. Who did get in to Biden 's home so often ??? So wired !!! Seems somebody put something in to Biden 's home !!!!!

  22. Whoa, Biden's truths are coming out. 😂😂 He's been a national security risk for decades. Aside from his leftist policies no wonder the United States is in a hole 🕳️. Biden has dug it.

  23. I smell a rat. Biden is calling on the FBI to search his home. Look we are doing this willingly meanwhile orange man is making a big stink out of it. Now you can take Trump out. Meanwhile I have been finally convinced to be put out to pasture. 2 and 2 is not adding up.

  24. Biden isn't just irresponsible he just don't give a dam he thinks anything him and the corrupt politicians do is ok anyone that's backing him needs to be removed from power before it gets worse !

  25. Joe Biden is the biggest threat to National Security. Joe Biden really doesn't know where he put all the top secret and classified documents

  26. Pulling them out like a clown does scarfs.

  27. Joe's team let them in so there would be no search warrant. I order to get a search warrant there has to be a subpoena that details everything law enforcement knows. Now there won't be a subpoena that the public can get ahold of. Nice work legal team!

  28. “ how could anyone be that irresponsible?”

    -Joe Biden.