Fox News producer alleges network coerced her into giving misleading testimony in Dominion suit

A producer at Fox News has filed a lawsuit alleging the network coerced her into giving misleading testimony in Dominion Voting Systems’ lawsuit. NBC’s Danny Cevallos has details.

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  1. She lied to a judge? I would keep that to myself. She must be a total ditz.

  2. If fox gets sued for this then why can other news stations gets sued for dumb news stories, I didn’t believe the election fraud scandal, but I didn’t believe the Covid wet market bs either lol, or half the stories both sides get wrong, ur telling me if we look at the phones of everyone at cnn no one ever doubted a story.

  3. No one coerced her into being pond scum.

  4. And yet TIME article and 2000 Mules STILL says the Dems cheated

  5. >>>>>>>> Increase Your Satisfaction By Understanding Your Existence … sea rch EXISTNC

  6. Just trying to get out of trouble for her lies by lying again

  7. Who will get paid 1st😂😂😂😂

  8. If you don't think voter fraud didn't happened. It's in the name Dominion Voting. I mean they are laughing and pointing at you straight to your face and you continue with your fair election bit. DOMINION VOTING you idiots.

  9. MSNBC the new Jerry Springer show.

  10. Don’t you just love it when someone can’t take responsibility for themselves and needs to blame others ? Every time she opens her mouth she is responsible for every word that comes out. You lie it’s your fault. The word that comes to mind is integrity. Who h clearly she has none.

  11. Classic woke democrats stupid news open yourselves up for wild lawsuits.

  12. Meanwhile we head unto ww3 and send over 100 billion dollars to the corrupt Ukraine.

  13. She could have said no and walked away! It was her choice. The truth, or the job/money? She made that choice, it’s her problem.

  14. That’s weird I seen video where teenagers use nothing but a thumb stick to hack a dominion voting machines

  15. she was not coerced. she told the truth. only stupid people fall for coercion.
    wait…. 🤔

  16. Sure appreciate you giving out disinformation in bite size bits 😂😊

  17. You can’t be forced to lie.
    You’re either weak or lack moral standards.

  18. Believe all women! 😂


  20. Funny I remember them in court literally hacking the machine in real time. Enough said right there

  21. Would be credible ONLY if there was an actual investigation. But that would be a real effort to fix something, and democrats don't do that

  22. who is this (her) is he going to testified?

  23. Reminder, she's innocent until proven guilty. Fox or "people associated with Fox?" are guilty until proven innocent.

  24. The whole Republican Party and Fox News is playing the victim card- most of them sound like Trump with the violent rehetoric pumping fear into their Cult and they too have become victims- Trump is full of anger and rage and he pumps that into his followers. This vicimisation needs to stop- as it is tearing the Country apart. The Republican Party made the big mistake of not getting rid of him after January 6th- that was their window of opportunity. How many more crimes does he have to commit for both the Party and Maga decide to move on.

  25. She being coerced into saying that she was coerced.

  26. More propaganda to take you’re eyes off the rigged election process in this country .

  27. Dominion when you need 81 million votes but you campaigned from your basement.

  28. Would not surprise me when the owner of fox got a lawyer to shut Tucker down showing what really happened on Jan. 6.

  29. Jan.6,2021 THE BIG LIE 🤥

  30. If dems don't like the result of the lawsuit, will they be adjudicating testimonies using their Dominion machines?

  31. We all saw what happened. Quit covering tracks. Its gotten embarrassing for the left.

  32. Fox 🦊 is going to lose some money 💵.

  33. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life and blessings to me and my family $14,120.47 weekly profit our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!!🙏❤️❤️

  34. Imagine suing someone because you lied for them lol

  35. Still haven’t gotten that source code. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  36. Now do NBC and the 4 years of the Russian collusion lies.

  37. So dominion is a legit company with no faults, got it 🤣👌