Thursday , May 13 2021
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Fraternity brothers come together for special birthday surprise

Dozens of fraternity brothers surprised their former cook Jessie Hamilton for her 74th birthday.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Ain't god gd 🙏🙏🙏

  2. This proves that Fraternities aren't bad and shows that they care about the community.

  3. ❤Beautiful ❤beautiful❤beautiful!!! May GOD continue to bless you all who made this possible😂😂😂
    Bless you Jessie❤🌷

  4. AMEN AMEN and another AMEN that's just how People Should always Show kindness and love No Prejudices AMEN!!! God's plan.

  5. So so great more of us show that kind of appreciation is wordless

  6. I would want my son to experience fraternity life if it was one like this. It is what exemplifies good in this world! So different than I would have viewed a fraternity to be. God love you.

  7. Wow that's how you pay it forward and treat everyone with respect. Her clear enjoyment and care for them made a difference in their lives.

  8. That was so kind of those men to do for her. ❤

  9. Great story i had seen this on the news didn't watch this video ,,but godbless her 73 and still working to pay off mortgage is soo wrong she deserves this like many other hard working older people work their lives away still cant get ahead ,taxes should be stopped for retirement age people .

  10. What a wonderful, kind and generous surprise.

  11. This is such a heart warming story. Especially in a time when the Democrats, and liberal news media wants racial divide. We need more of this! Togetherness is what we need. Not being divided against one another.

  12. Wow still paying mortgage at 74, very sweet of them to pay it off.

  13. simply heartbreaking, thank God there is not only racism among us 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. This Is What Real News Is All About. May God Continue To Bless The FIJI Fraternity On Their Future Endeavors! "Happy Jesse Day"

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