‘FRAUD’: Don’t be ‘fooled’ by green energy, expert warns

Center for Industrial Progress founder Alex Epstein argues solar and wind are unreliable energy sources that drain the broader grid on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Anyone ever thought about how much diesel is consumed for the mining, hauling, processing, and final hauling minerals to the suppliers?
    I know how much diesel the offroad haul trucks burn an hour, excavators burn a substantial amount of diesel an hour, hauling the minerals to be processed is burning diesel. Final transporting of these "green" energy things uses diesel.

  2. Know that from the beginning.

  3. I ride a mobility scooter replace batteries every 6 months, the cars are the same you will have to replace batteries eventually.

  4. Still looking for green jobs just dont know where they are

  5. The wind turbine is killing whales

  6. Those solar panels are causing more harmcto are planet

  7. All forms of energy are dirty! Im all abouy the cleanest environment possible, but not at the expense of human lives. Solar & wind are not ready for mass use. They're unreliable, expensive, & like all energy, DIRTY to make, process, store, & use.



  10. Wonder how much the fossil fuel industry paid him to write his book. OK… Well maybe they didn't. They just bought 50pct of them. Look for them next year at the Dollar stores.

  11. The democrats are frauds.

  12. The greenies all the ones pushing all this crap and of course Joe Biden is following them instead of leading

  13. If solar power is "unreliable" explain how I was able to make toast for my breakfast this morning. 🤷‍♂️ 🍳

  14. They want the green energy bc China makes all the windmills. They been bought by CCP!

  15. Huge Slush fund for China! Thank you Brandon! May God forgive you all!❤

  16. Not fooled. Been told to eat it and like it.

  17. It’s only obvious, but simpletons believe anything you tell them they should believe- like plandemics, fair elections, real insurrections😂😂😂😂fools

  18. How are this man’s words, not blatantly evident to anyone who gives green energy any degree of serious consideration.

  19. I seen rows &rows of wind generator a .Can an eagle fly through there to hunt?

  20. 81% of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels to produce the steam to turn the turbines! 50% is actually from burning coal to produce steam!! Look it up!😂😂😂

  21. And I want to be able to sprout wings and fly, but this is reality. It's time they also realized that and no matter how greedy they are, it still isn't a realistic goal with this technology.

  22. Whoever thinks green energy is a joke is a fool. Probably had a very low SAT math score.

  23. I thought we were going to make a full on charge to direct water ways

    Reroute rivers

    Utilize hydroelectricity

    But 👎 Nope

    That’s what China is doing

    China is rerouting rivers so they can utilize hydroelectricity

    Here in America we’re worried about keeping everything status quo

    We can’t do anything anymore

    We have activists that will literally stop everyone and everything over a fishing hole their grandfather use to use

    We can’t do anything anymore