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From 1985 to 2019: The evolution of India's jerseys down under

#India #Australia #IndvAus

A look at India’s iconic jerseys during their visits to Australia, including two World Cups and a memorable tri-series.

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  1. Sad that we won't see that Nike Swoosh mark anymore. It screamed quality 😻

  2. All these old fellows saying they like 2003 jersey. I actually liked this 2019 world cup jersey better. It looked nice and good.

  3. Blue always chesssss🥰🥰🥰

  4. Its crazy how you can just close your eyes and imagine Sachin Tendulkar dawning all of them! #LEGEND

  5. Any way how good the jerseys are the sponsors ruin them

  6. Jerseys are beautiful without any sponsors

  7. 1992 World Cup shirt is a work of art. Nothing better than that for me.

  8. Now a days the the jerseys have so much space dedicated to sponsors. It is not good.

  9. 2003 world cup jersey is still the best .

  10. Latest one is worst of all.

  11. How many of you like the new jersey. Hit 👍🏻

  12. 1980-81 series is missed here where India wore something similar to the Australian wc 2019 jersey. 1992wc and 1991 the best of the lot.

  13. Funny think is they mentioned in the sponsor name of the India – Australia series but they didn't display the sponsor of India's jerseys 🧐

  14. That orange jersey which India wore for the wc match against England last year can actually become India's t20i jersey, so that it will make things interesting. England also wear different color jersey for ODIs and t20is. In ODI they wear light blue jersey and in t20s they wear red color jerseys. Even Australia also wear different jerseys for home and away tours.

  15. You got the 2014-15 Carlton Mid series jersey wrong. Indian team wore the Jersey of the 2015 world cup from the series only. Here's the link to the match,

  16. Whats the best India jersey of all time?

  17. 2003-07 was best Jersey with tricolor added flavour in that blue.
    Nowadays Jersey is good but looks same since 2015 nothing much of change expect for that 2019 world cup away Jersey that was fresh change.

  18. Love the 1985 world series Jersey.

  19. Tatti jersies since 2011 world cup hope the new kit is fresh as well as innovation esp. for T20I's

  20. Indian Tricolour should always be there on the Indian National team's jersey (across all the sports) IMO.

    Also it goes well with the Royal Blue and Sky Blue (which are the predominant colours in our jerseys)

    So designers can experiment with different shades of blue and different sizes or patterns of the tricolour to offer variety and newness but they must incorporate the tricolour because it gives a special feeling.

    Btw the 2003 jersey is my personal favourite 🇮🇳❤️

  21. 2003 jersey was emotion😍😍

  22. Became so monotonous since 2011. Before that the designers showed variety and creativity.

  23. Me and the Bois rooting for 2003-04 jersey

  24. You should have added the jursey of 2019 wc vs England.

  25. One like for Babar Azam and Virat Kohli

  26. India and Pakistan are the best

  27. 2011-2012 was the best jersy INĐIA had😁❤

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