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From Art Basel’s $120K banana to the festival’s effect on local communities l ABC News

The exhibit featuring a banana duct-taped to a wall made headlines this weekend, but is the festival’s flashy exhibitions burying the local art community that made Miami great?

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  1. The irony is that artist wouldn't even have been interviewed if it wasn't for that banana so it's factual dishonest to say it's somehow hurting other artist work.

  2. Human species is the stupidest on earth

  3. Not art – more like trash

  4. After Trump been elected by Americans as their president, no stupidity surprises me anymore. So this art thing didn’t come as a surprise either.

  5. This is a disservice to anyone who actually creates art that takes work, time, and has legitimate value to it.

  6. With a show of hands, who believes this was a genuine transaction for "art" and has absolutely nothing to do with money laundering?

  7. John Cage solo 36 aka eatting a apple decades ago , Duchamp in 1917…honestly nothing new

  8. When shtf I can see it..so food prices are rising eeh?

  9. it’s on the wall you mean if somone bought it legit do they also get to take home the wall or do they put it on a grocerry bag. what a stunt

  10. Why doesn’t somebody tape the orange toddlers mouth shut? Now THAT would be a piece of art! Lol

  11. They should have named it Banana Republic

  12. I swear to God i'm so sick and tired of stupid ignorant people in the United States. These fucks will do anything to get a like on their instagram account. They are "Like" whores. From the ridiculousness of people supporting trump to people like these lining up to take a picture with a fucking banana. These people have no brains and can't think for themselves. It's actually very sad.

  13. Perverse! spot on brother…perverse and boring

  14. I can go to walmart buy ducktape and banana for less than 12 $. That ain't art. Art is not a banana duck taped to the wall. That's mu own view. U can think its art. I dont care.

  15. if stupid or "WTF really" and "that what get pass as art these days" get people talking. i guess it worked

  16. 90% of them don't even care about art in general. They are there for the instagram likes. Whatever is trending, theyll be there.

  17. I don’t know what is worst, the banana or the egg? 😐 society i am confused…

  18. You can throw up anything on the wall and call it art.
    I don't mind that.
    What I do mind and hate is that just one artist got all the press.
    There are thousands of great artists who get NO press. And that part is shameful.

  19. Some people say ART can be Pretentious.
    Those people are Right.

  20. This is about the banana man spending money on rubbish, it proves how art wastefully spend their money and not on charities ,thats my art option. 🤔

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