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From borrowing fuel money to IPL star – the story of Mohammed Siraj

#ipl2020 #RCB
How the son of an autorickshaw driver became one of RCB’s key bowler

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  1. Lots of Hard work, dedication, patience behind a the success 👍

  2. MD Siraj is the best bowler is a well plyer

  3. Another six from. This over

  4. Bacche ka junoon hai aur dua hai. Wah kya baat bole Sahab!

  5. Abd = 17 (jersey number)
    Virat = 18 (jersey number)
    Year =20(2020)

    All of the above are really dangerous

  6. Mohammed Siraj to me you are an inspiration by Steve Irungu Jermaine

  7. I always see there are some people term any bowler as dinda academy after a bad game but they doesn't know the hard work behind them Cricket is a game where one person wins and other lose Dinda has played for india and these idiots doesn't know how much hard work and dedication need to become a member of Indian team only 11 players out of 130 crores Indians represent national team

  8. He is an inspiration..❤️❤️

  9. We proud of u siraj bro God bless u

  10. Entire life struggle can change in ONE MOMENT……. keep it up siraj

  11. Great sir..keep going..God blessed you

  12. Everyone have their own story

  13. I was wrong to misjudge this man..he is such a hardworker..

  14. Masha Allah respect to Siraj bhai from Afghanistan🇦🇫I emotional😢hearing his struggle and now he is reaping his hard work.

  15. Remember Virat Kohli and teammates went to siraj's house and had dinner with siraj's family. There is no one better than Virat who can support youngsters and keep confidence in them. surely Virat felt proud of his Decision after yesterday's match. Siraj bhai! Best wishes.

  16. This video changed my perspective towards him….

  17. This is why we love IPL… Bringing talented one out😍😍

  18. People who are using their father's money writes vulgar in the name of comments on social media , showing they are intelligent. That people may not be earned in thier life what Siraj earned in one year contract i.e 3cr from ipl beside Ranji,intermational,brand..Think abt that. And try to change ur lyf intead of vomitting on social media..loosers🤣🤣

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