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From the Vault: Bumrah shines in the Boxing Day Test

Paceman Jasprit Bumrah took six Australian wickets to put India on track for a series-sealing victory in the 2018 Boxing Day Test


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  1. With out Smith and Warner… Team looks so poor in this series I suppose

  2. So clever bowler!! 🇮🇳❤️🙏

  3. He generates a good pace for a short run 👍

  4. 0:43 Thanks to Rohit Sharma for that !! The session was about to end and India are in search of wickets, RS goes to Bumrah and gives him an advice, then he produces this.

  5. Abd destroyed bumrah in this IPL 2020. Abd hits 28 runs in 8 balls vs bumrah (2*4s and 3 huge sixes) .wat a batsman Mr.360 superman abd. Abd means Any bowlers Destroyer.proof time to time again .bumrah already said i feared to bowl vs abd. World class batsman abd .

  6. Get ready aussies. The indian fast bowling is coming to roar at you🥸🥸

  7. Best bowlers in respect teams
    India – Bumrah
    Australia – Cummins
    New Zealand – Southee
    Pakistan – Abbas
    England – Broad
    South Africa- Rabada
    Srilanka – Lakmal
    West Indies – Holder
    Bangladesh – Mustafiz
    Zimbabwe – Jarvis

  8. This is why i love test matches in aus especially that red cherry moving all around.

  9. 0:44 that kind of delivery from a consistent 140+ bowler is really Unplayable 💥
    Along with the change of pace, the way it was angled towards the left hander was just brilliant ❤

  10. Best bowler in world boom boom bumrah luckly in Indian team

  11. 0:48 dream ball of every bowler
    Such brilliant last ball for day❤️

  12. Blessed to have him at MUMBAI INDIANS

  13. If he works hard and maintain same bowling speed and swing he may become 3 bowler to take 10 wickets in an innings..

  14. i still remember Johnson's insta post on 1st day of this test depicting very flat pitch for this match. Bumrah made this match for us. Proud on you brother.

  15. Specially liked the walk after taking 6th wicket 3:16 … the wall of confidence and victory.

  16. The last ball… Ohhhhh! I like it full and given.
    Jasprit Bumrah you are brilliant.

  17. From the vault. For a recent test

  18. he's got the potential to be one of the GOAT fast bowler from india

  19. That slower one to marsh was just magnificent

  20. Who would have thought the one with potential to be India's all-time great pace bowler will emerge from dust bowl pitches of Ahmedabad.

  21. Bumrah ne bund marli thi kangaruu ki😆

  22. Commentator at 1.17 exactly matches the energy level of the bowler

  23. Ah so this is what it feels when you have one of the most feared pace attack. Finally, now I know. Thanks Bumrah, Shami, Ishant. It was a wonderful and historic series win. And one does not win a test unless you have the ability to take 20 wickets. Thanks!

  24. If kohli is GOLD with Bat ,Bumrah Is GOLD with Ball.
    I think Bumrah is one of great discovery in bowling department for indian cricket in last 3 decade.

  25. Blatant chucker. In the last tour of new zealand i have clear proof that he is throwing the ball. He easily has the worst action i have seen for a fast bowler. But there is a double standard in cricket these days where players from certain countries get away with it due to political power. India is one of these countries.

  26. ये चले बुमराह और कर दिया गुमराह

  27. I have a question for anyone who has watched a lot of Bumrah. The fantastic slower ball that he got Marshall with – what kind is It? Back of the hand variant or the split finger type? Reason I ask is with his arm action, I do not think he would quite be able to control an off- cutter type slower ball well enough. Thanks to whoever replies.

  28. Amazing skill level. There is potential for greatness in this lad. Fitness will be the key because in terms of bowling intelligence and the level of skill (as amply shown here) he is very good. Good fast bowlers excite me because it proves that test cricket is in good health!

  29. From best T20 bowler to one of the best test bowler.. our boom boom rocks.🔥🔥

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