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From the Vault: Doug's eight powers Aussies to victory

Doug Bollinger’s best match figures in Test cricket came against the West Indies at Perth in 2009, with five wickets in the first innings and three in the second.


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  1. Nothing in hotspot..
    Nothing in Snicko..
    But 3rd umpire rules it as caught behind!

  2. video is called Doug's eight… 4+3=7 doesnt it?

  3. He was goin to b the star bowler for australia

  4. The man who was responsible for csk's 2010 ipl victory !

  5. Dougy was best but the emergence of young crop of Starc, Cummins, Pattinson etc around 2010-11 forced him to fade away

  6. This was before he ran out of puff…

  7. That last wicket felt so forced. Not out!

  8. WI had a white player? 😳 surprising 😂

  9. When skills are of God level.

  10. Great video bro. Plz upload more in 1080 p .especially of starc and pat cummins wickets

  11. Where is the starting music ? 😠

  12. Now legends will say that He performed well because Dhoni was giving advice 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  13. Bollinger, Ryan Harris, Ben Hilfenhaus… never really got the appreciation they really deserved.

  14. Australias victory is always controversial😂😂😂

  15. Much better than previous McGrath video

  16. Dinesh Ramdin's biggest achievement in cricket is mocking Sir Viv Richards

  17. A useless bowler like Siddle was pushed instead of Bollinger. What a waste.

  18. Not enough swing in this one but he's a dangerous bowler. Have seen better performances in IPL and T20 bash League.

  19. He was well recognized after IPL, and many Australia earn their name in ipl shan marsh, bracewel, and others .

  20. Why it was given out? Any explanation?
    May be billy bouden didn’t hear the 3rd umpire's call clearly.
    3rd umpire : billy, no edge, no sound.. there is no reason to stick with your decision.
    Billy bouden : mate can't hear you clearly… ..what have you said?..stick with your decision?… OK. I got it.

  21. Classic Australian clean test outfit.

  22. upload some brett lee videos man

  23. Remember listening to paul allot saying Bollinger looks like anything but a test bowler…I guess he was correct

  24. Worst decision taken by Billy

  25. Bolllliiiiiiiigerrrrr……😍

  26. Great bowling. That’s a nonsense call for the last wicket though. Benefit of the doubt should always go to the batter

  27. Ok bowler, never quite in the league of outstanding Aussie quicks of modern era

  28. Was surprised when he wasn't selected for 2011 WC. Lee, Tait and Johnson were selected but Doug Bollinger had a huge experience of playing in India due to IPL and was a part of the champion team twice.
    Could've replaced inconsistent Tait

  29. Thought he was well in the way of becoming a great threat but that did not happen

  30. i didnt understand the last one..

  31. had at least another 50 games left in him

  32. Doug has been bought by Australia from Netherlands if I am not wrong

  33. 😳 CA is bringing him back?

  34. Plzzz susqeibe my channels plzzzzx🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. Yet another unfair decision in Australia.

  36. Did they lost by mere 30 odd runs ? Damn that's heart breaking. Almost Windies pulled off a victory.

  37. There’s something about left hand quicks.. so pleasing on the eyes. Bollinger should have played more matches though

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