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From the Vault: Ishant's inconic WACA spell to Ponting

Getting the better of Ricky Ponting wasn’t an easy thing to do – but that’s exactly what a 19-year-old Ishant Sharma did at the WACA in 2008


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  1. Why this commentator is always listening two sounds

  2. You can never forget some memories

  3. No Ponting in the last two series, I will pretend injury and not tour Aus now – Ishant Sharma.

  4. imagine that Ishant Sir was a DC player this year IPL and Ricky Sir was head coach

  5. After this ponting be like : main tailender hunπŸ‘πŸ»

  6. All are retired but Ishant will be in action on boxing day 2020

  7. Now Ricky ponting is coach for Ishant Sharma in Delhi capitals

  8. Trivia..Ishant literally begged for an extra over at ponting…Rest is history

  9. Mark taylor always hear 2 noises

  10. So he got him out 4 times in a single innings.

  11. 3:39 Commentator was about to say "What a Ripper, then changed it it What a wicket"

  12. The craze for Cricket in India was at its peak during this era !! Golden days !!

  13. Red ball cricket is always a treat to watch!

  14. He was a ultimate bowler……

  15. I remember, watching this spell made me huge fan of ishant sharma. Ricky Ponting never struggle this much against any bowler in his career. Ricky was my most favorite batsman in that era. I wish ishant could shine again like this in ODI and T20 too.

  16. Ponting had problems playing Bhajji and Ishant.

  17. The spirit of cricket is not the same as it used to be before now it's just a business

  18. I just love this type of commentary rather than of star

  19. Ponting was such a great batsman, amazing to watch.. – Nice spell by Ishant Sharma by the way….!

  20. I really miss these days. Use to take phone to school to watch test matches. 😁

  21. Bilkul wasim akram wala swing horaha tha

  22. That time was the golden period. For sure

  23. Ishant was not a good outswinger of the ball at that time. He mostly bowled inswing. The one which got ponting didn't swing and held its line. Ponting expected the ball to swing in but it didn't and he got a healthy outside edge. Getting a wicket in test match is not an easy task and that too of Ricky Ponting the great. Absolute beauty from 18 year old ishant

  24. Will surely miss Ishant this series

  25. Current generation would never knew the joy of setting up an alarm clock to 5am and watching the match while your parents sleeping…

  26. Absolutely Superb bowling – ! Deserved a few wickets there
    Reminds me of Asif

  27. Ind vs aus test matches were epic ones.

  28. …..He is indian James Anderson β£οΈπŸ™

  29. Ishant ka lamba baal aaj bhi mast lag raha hain..πŸ”₯

  30. "Ek aur krega.Ishant said haan karunga"

  31. He persisted persisted and got the big wicket
    True that πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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