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From the Vault: Johnson destroys England at the Gabba

In his comeback Test match, Mitchell Johnson laid the platform for a record-breaking Ashes campaign, taking nine wickets in a thumping Australian win


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  1. that aint fast bowling , that's a cannon

  2. Back when Johnson was peak of his career

  3. Bell played extremely well against fierce bowling that series from memory, the other poms looked genuinely scared

  4. And Virat kohli showed them Who is the king… Virat dominated Mitchell Johnson and the other Aussies

  5. you can not play his bouncers, litteraly

  6. All about confidence be at ur own always

  7. That looked effortful but v hostile and fast. I think that was the time when the top order were a bit scared and the tail got slated for not chipping in with enough runs! 😀

  8. 2 years later, he was Kane Williamson's bitch.

  9. Meh. Hadlee took 33 wickets in 3 tests against Aus in '85/86 at an average of 10!

  10. this tune is of dj movie starring allu Arjun

  11. Johnson was the difference between both teams in that series… 😍

  12. Most dangerous bowler in Bouncy pitch

  13. How many times did Johnson destroy England?

  14. Ripping apart the english line up, fiery and scary.

  15. Big fan of Johnson, great action and pace

  16. After that their was no lethal fast bowler like him….. Johnson you beauty

  17. You watch the edge and see these poor bastards had to

  18. Aussies commentators are best … chilling commentary😍😍😍

  19. A joy to watch –

    btw interesting to see Mitch bowling fast medium at 143kph – per caption

    I would like to make the idiot who thinks face Mitch and then ask if this is still fast medium

  20. Woke up 5AM just to watch these games

  21. I had watched it minimum 10 times in star sports 4 and 20 times in YouTube but fast bowling devastating doesn't less down yet

  22. Is it me or does the thumbnail look like a drawing

  23. He destroyed trott’s career

  24. Johnson is an outstanding bowler but only in home conditions

  25. Bowling that search and destroy level heat 🔥🔥🔥

  26. i do not consider stuart broad as a great test bowler out of 500 he has taken 319 wickets in England..
    he is just a bowler of conditions..same goes with cloudy Anderson… no offense though..
    MJ >>>>>> broad n Anderson!!!

  27. Intro music copied from an Indian film DJ

  28. Very, very few batsmen, even historically, have the technique and grit to deal with a true, hostile fast spell. We saw the like of Ambrose destroy teams because again, not many batsmen can cope with that level of pace and bounce. It's easy to criticise the English batsmen from the couch but in reality very, very few batsmen could have kept Johnson at bay in this mood and at this pace!

  29. most beautiful action 😍😍

  30. It was an absolute privilege to watch Mitchell fiery superfast Johnson Bowl in that series. I missed the first two tests for not having much intrest, but then when I came to know that this deadly slingy left arm thunder, I didn't miss a single session of Australia's bowling. I have many fast bowlers since 2000, but I hardly remember seeing any first bowler creating this supreme amount of terror effect on the opposition. Fell in love with Johnson's bowling. It was a royal privilege seeing Johnson Bowl like this. The aggresive Australian spirit, bringing out the very best in him

  31. If Jofra Archer is fit, it'll be really scary to watch him bowl in the Ashes.

  32. Fast medium? Who are they kidding, he was genuinely quick. I'm English and loved watching him bowl – great pace and drama.

  33. Well many of these were not wicket taking deliveries,many were going down leg side but johnson had made such a scare with his furious spell among these english batsman that they were bound to do mistakes. One of the best exhibition of fast bowling I have ever seen in any series.

  34. Australian commentators are most biased

  35. This was the series of Johnson. No better description than that. Pure and unmatched dominance. Sheer aggression coupled with accuracy.

  36. I don't know how virat kohli hit him in test 2014

  37. Mitchell Johnson bowls well only in Australia in other countries his balls flies all around the park

  38. Probably the scariest fast bowler of the decade along with Shoaib akhtar. Wouldn't like two of them bowling in tandem

  39. Man the intro card said left arm fast medium. What are they expecting from fast

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