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From the Vault: Lethal Lillee makes short work of Kiwis

On December 7, 1980 the great Dennis Lillee was at his very best against New Zealand, taking 3-19 from his 10 overs on a sunny afternoon in Melbourne.


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  1. Another Brilliant Upload Keep It Up

  2. The white ball doesn't swing this much anymore

  3. The first guy had a very hairy helmet

  4. So nobody noticed The Red Ensign ?

  5. Those celebrations after each wicket are a bit over the top ay?

  6. I remember going to the cricket as a wee lad in those days and hearing the crowd chanting "LiiiiiiiLLeeeee"…. LiiiiiLLeeeee"…. LiiiiiiLLeeeee"… 70s and early 80s cricket in Australia was a religion and this great man was the deity we all revered. Every kid at school thought he was Lillee with the ball… and wanted to be Viv Richards with the bat lol

  7. They don't make bowlers like Lillee any more……
    One of the all time Greats

  8. Look at the rubbish batting techniques the Kiwis had back then it's a no wonder why they got hammered all the time

  9. Half the crowd have no shirt on 😂 good times

  10. That 'tache is legendary.

  11. He is one of the greatest all time fast bowler….

  12. What a fine bowler. I have heard many a great batsman rank DK as the finest they've ever played. Was extremely rapid when he started out and that spell against the World XI where he took 8 for just showed the class of the man. Even after his shoulder injury he turned into one of the most skillful bowlers of all time. There wasn't anything he couldn't do. Love his nastiness though. Simply hated batsman- which is how bowlers should be 😀

  13. Umpires back in the days so relaxed

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