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From the vault: Virat Kohli's first Test innings in Australia

It was short – he only made 11 runs – but Virat Kohli looked the part in his first Test on Australian soil at the MCG in 2011, playing a trademark cover drive against the spin of Nathan Lyon before edging a Ben Hilfenhaus out-swinger


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  1. He is improved a lot since then as a player. As now, he is the No. 2 in test cricket, only 25 points behind Steven Smith

  2. Hilfenhaus was Magrath in that series

  3. From this inaugural innings scoring only 11 in Australia in 2011 to now averaging over 55 there [including 6 100's] played over 12 Tests & 3 series, the lad has certainly come a long way & now firmly established as one of the best in the sport!

  4. 5 test match 27 average and still backed by the captain.
    This is how players are groomed.
    And now today…. One bad series and you are out of the team.

  5. After this series Hilfenaus got ticket to play IPL 2012 for CSK..

  6. Virat 1st innings against australia – 11
    Dhawan : Hold my Bat

  7. Gone soon but I hope Indian squad will back him. Seems like a good young talent.

  8. Gentle Ben was brilliant in that series. Dravid will second that.

  9. You are not known by your begining, you are known by your ending!

  10. Kohli then (same attitude) : No haters
    Kohli now, who broke everyone's records (same attitude) : Haters

    It's obvious human nature, he went ahead of their favorite players😁😏

  11. Aus trying to lower kohli's confidence!!!
    And Kohli be like :- Haan chal Dhikadunga Kaun hun Mai

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  18. Why did ishant sharma go in before Kohli

  19. This time kholi is more handsome than that time looking classey

  20. Honestly, if India can draw the series 2-2 or 1-1 or god knows 0-0, it would be a win cause it's the Australian home ground with full-fledged Australian team against India without Virat (for three matches) and Ishant…

  21. Did anyone noticed that Ishant Sharma came in to bat before Virat Kohli 🙂

  22. The question is why ishant Sharma ce before virat kohli 😂😂

  23. Sledging your highest YouTube viewers doesn't work 😑

  24. Count the centuries from then 🤙🏻💪🏼KING KOHLI🤘🏻

  25. Entry song was from Dj of South movie

  26. Ishant Sharma Coming before VK😂😂

  27. What's the use of this video AUSTRALIA…. There's nothing in this according to the title

  28. He's entrance is like a WWE wrestler.

  29. I was expecting the video to be 5 minutes long and see him score a century lol 😂

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