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From the Vault: Young Smith shows Ashes class

It didn’t take long for Steve Smith to show his promise with the bat as he scored his first half-century on home soil back in 2011 against England


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  1. Smudge has been brilliant , cat pummins has been brilliant, lambshank has been brilliant. Aus deserved this ashes .

  2. Batting style 😱😱🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️now days

  3. These shots are ugly compare to now. I mean now 2019.

  4. Nd right now He's d boss Of Test Cricket 😎

  5. Cheater Smith laughing talent….odd batting style….Cheater….

  6. Earlier highest score 77 now last 10 innings avg. 151.25

  7. Can you do Steve Smith's first test ton or first Ashes ton?

  8. Orthodox play 25 avg
    Unorthodox play 75+avg

  9. dislike people have to die …

  10. But he is classless in case of sportsmanship

  11. Who would have thought he would give nightmares to Poms

  12. But he is classless in case of sportsmanship

  13. started as a leg spinner . played 15 tests as a tailender and today the best batsman of the world in test cricket. perfect epitome of come backs. #respect from India❣

  14. You can see that he was trying to have to good of a technique and that’s why his average was so low but now he plays with his natural technique and you can see the difference in his performance

  15. And the rest is history

  16. Where's the shuffle across the wicket smudge??😆😆😆

  17. Look at the difference of technique.

  18. Smith is much better than kohli in test cricket…

  19. He was brought in to try and replace Shane Warne at no 8.

    Instead he replaced Don Bradman 😂😂

  20. His batting style is changed now .

  21. Who's here after his 211 in the ASHES!

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