Frontier Airlines CEO confronts potential Memorial Day weekend ‘flightmare’

Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle addresses travel concerns on ‘The Claman Countdown’ as they expect 90K passengers to travel every day of Memorial Day weekend. #foxbusiness

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  1. Amazing information ❤🙌Being able to provide all my needs without the help of the Government is really a dream come through and I’m getting $43,050 returns from my $7k investment, glory to the everlasting God almighty.

  2. frontier merged with another horrible airline.. the 2 worst airlines in the world are now one

  3. Wow, fox trying the gotcha moment at a CEO. Newscaster unsubscribed a “wow moment troll”

  4. What does he mean, they pay people to do their job? That's a given, crooked airlines.

  5. Fox news just got hit with another billion dollar case 💥😂

  6. He has more stories about his boyfriend than what is really happening 😳

  7. Not to worry, Pete Buttigieg has reassured America that he is on top!!

  8. People are broke this year nobody's going anywhere

  9. It should be run like a factory, no BS and don’t blame the passengers blame the people you employed! Customer Service is your business and your failing big time I will drive because flights aren’t at all appealing because of the poor service!

  10. Good I want inflation go back up permanently

  11. I guess the economy doing ok if that many people are traveling. I can see inflation climbing up!

  12. They can always “say” it’s due to weather and wiggle out of paying!

  13. I feel so much "better" now that Mayor Pete has spoken!😜

  14. We have a fudge packer for the transportation secretary position who is under qualified and can't even type and make coffee😅

  15. Pink Booty Juice Pete😅